What is your standard of measurement?


‘Don’t do this’, ‘Why are you wearing that?’ ‘I will never understand how you dress’ ‘No! That’s not how you cook it!’, ‘How can you like that guy? You can do better than him’ ‘You’re so boring, you never wanna do anything fun with us’. These are phrases I’ve heard so many times that they’ve become repetitive. It seems people have appointed themselves to be the judge of others; telling us what to wear, who we should like, how to live our lives and it is so easy to allow them be judges over us. You start to compromise your standards just to please others. You don’t wanna go out on a Friday night but you go because you were forced to and you feel miserable the whole night.

The same friends who pressured you into going will have the time of their lives and might even ignore you and your miserable self while they’re having fun. Why bother going in the first place? There’s absolutely wrong with sitting home after a stressful week to relax and catch up on your favourite shows if that is what will make you happy that day. The thing is when you tell people NO to a particular question for a long time, they just give up and stop asking you. For example, if your friends have been asking you to get drunk with them for a while, keep telling them NO and you’ll notice that after a while, they won’t bother asking you again.


If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for everything. As an individual, you should know what your likes and dislikes are, you should even write them down on your phone or in a journal so whenever someone tries to talk you into something you don’t want to do, you can look at what you’ve written down and it will serve as a reminder of your decision and you can tell the person NO. When the time comes to make a decision, what’s your “STANDARD OF MEASURE”? Do you go by the decisions your friends make? Following the crowd may be the popular thing to do but it isn’t always smart. Do you go by a “feeling” you have inside you that tells you what’s OK and what’s not? The problem with following your feelings is that feelings can change from one minute to the next. What may seem like the right thing to do today can seem like the wrong thing to do tomorrow.

Do you turn to the only true measure there is – God unchanging and so is his Word; when you convince yourself that God’s word is the true standard of measure, you can always be sure that what you’re doing is right. The bible has the answers to every question we have as humans be it questions about sexuality, drunkenness, wild parties and much more. It baffles me when christians are having a conversation and nothing being mentioned is in correlation with what the bible preaches. The world is changing so much and it has become so hard to know what your standard of measure is and stay true with it. I’m faced with this struggle everyday and so is everyone in the world but seeking God in the midst of this struggle is the first and major key to overcoming it.

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