Positivity breeds Positivity


Last night was rough for me, I laid on my bed in the middle of the night feeling down, my body ached for no reason at all, my phone and laptop were acting up and my face was itchy.My face was literally very itchy, I have no idea why that was and if you have ever experienced this itchiness before, I would appreciate it if you could comment below and and explain to me why my face started to itch after midnight. I’m usually very impatient and in this situation, my patience was beyond tested and I wanted to rip off my face. I called my friend and explained what happened and it was only after hearing the sound of my whining that I realised I was over thinking the situation. Thing is, over thinking a situation makes it out to be worse than it really is.


For me, my mind wanders off and I start to imagine the worst scenarios. Last night, it was the thought of me waking up to a swollen face filled with acne that overwhelmed me. Pay me no mind, I just do the most. Since I was going to write a post about being positive, I told myself that I have to take my own advice and stop complaining about little things then tell people to be positive. Do I really expect people to believe anything I write about if they don’t see me acting on my own advice? I thought about that for a while and ended up having a good night’s sleep after mouthing some words of prayer and talking to my friend. Shoutout to those friends who have to be listening ears when they’re needed.


No one wants to be around a NAG! In your circle of friends, I’m sure there are some friends who complain all the time. You’ll be together or on the phone with them and all they do is talk about everything wrong in their life, they won’t even remember to ask how you’re doing. It always baffles me when I’m talking to someone who talks all through the conversation. Doesn’t it bother you when you’re having a conversation with someone and all you hear is the sound of your voice?  Nobody likes a friend who is always negative, you won’t be invited to do fun things with your friends if they know all you’re going to do is act bored and unbothered the entire time.

You’ll be left out of serious conversations if all you’re willing to do is criticize the situation. I think what gets to me the most is when people choose to point out negative things about others. I have taught myself to always be conscious of others, to basically treat others how I would like to be treated. I don’t think anyone is ugly and if you ask me to say someone is, all I would do is find something attractive about the person and comment on it, it could be the persons’ hair, shoes, skin colour, literally anything. There is something attractive about every human being and if you choose to only see the negative sides of people, hardly anything will please you.


It might sound cliché but one thing that helps me stay positive is smiling, just smile randomly when you wake up. Life will never go smoothly, challenges are a part of life and if we let our challenges consume us, there’ll be nothing to live for. It pays just to smile even if it is for the sake of smiling. Smile at random people on the street and they usually smile back. Smile even when you think there’s no reason to, your friends will see you, think you’re having the best day and they’ll want to join in and chat with you. Smiling really goes a long way. I wish I knew the secret to everlasting happiness but the thing is, life will always throw you down, you just need to develop a system in place to pick yourself back up when it does.

One thing I also do when I’m feeling down is treat myself to something good. I could go for a manicure/pedicure, go into the city and explore, read a novel, watch a movie or cook sometimes. It’s also important not to forget your bible during this period. The bible is my favourite book and God’s reminder of His promises to us, this verse is my go to verse when I’m down,”My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness” 2nd Corinthians 12:9. God does not want us to think we can do life by ourselves, so he’ll allow us to be pushed to the limits just to remind us that we can’t do it alone, we need to depend on Him to do life.


In this world, you have to remain positive in every situation and it is a difficult task, you are your biggest motivation and no one is going to remind you to be happy all the time. But when you are happy, your energy is so attractive that you draw people towards you. You’ll surround yourself with positivity so that when you’re down, your family/friends feel something is wrong even if you don’t want to admit it. They’ll be there to lift your spirits and help you get back up when you need them, the same way you’ll be there for them. Staying positive is a great way to start, strengthen and sustain friendships and relationships.

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