Happy Sunday beautiful people! Thank God for a relaxing day and glorious week ahead.

I know you can’t stop checking out that beautiful hair on my head. It’s great that this post is about this hair then. First of all, shoutout to my best friend for hooking me up with the hair, I saw her rock it and I liked it. It’s a wig by the way if you couldn’t tell 😉.


This wig is very affordable! I can’t emphasize how affordable it is. It costs anywhere from $20-25 on Amazon and I’ll put a link below for anyone who wants to purchase it. If you’re lazy like me, you know ‘loves to look good but cannot maintain your hair,’ this wig is perfect for you. You can wear it for a while and buy another one when it wears out for a cheep price. It comes in different colours also; purple, blond, ombré, you’ll probably find it in any color you’re looking for.

imageBag from Éclat as usual. If you haven’t patronized yet, you better leave a comment and ask how to. ;). 

Back to the main topic, the wig is also very versatile. You’ll see in the pictures below that I had it in a side part one time, in a bang the next and even put a little bun in front.

Yes! I’m totally loving this wig and I’ll probably be obsessed with it for a while.

Link to purchase it:

Also, if you wanna know what different ways you can style the hair, click on this video and you’ll get some ideas.

Jumpsuit: Forever21

Necklace on the Jumpsuit: Asos



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