Healthy Living


Hey people! How’s everyones’ day today? Mine is going well, pretty uneventful although I’m looking forward to an outdoor movie screening in the park this evening. It’ll be nice to cool off in the evening when the scorching sun has set. Okay, that’s enough of my day.

Hand up if you’re not a member of the fit-fam (fitness family) . The picture above is pretty random but you guys can see my hand up indicating that I’m a slacker when it comes to fitness. I don’t work out, jog or exercise regularly. The most I do is take the stairs everyday or walk around which is good enough for me. However, I am conscious of what goes into my mouth. I like to think I eat healthy to keep my body in good shape and make up for my non-existent gym hours. Today, I’ll share my tips with you, hopefully you practice them and they work for you like they do for me.


Eat lots of fruits! Fruits are yummy and good for you. If you don’t want bleedy gums, blood deficiency and the like, fruits are your go to. From apples, to bananas, pineapples, watermelon, the list is endless. If you would rather not chew them, blend them and drink! I absolutely love fruits, I eat them everyday, mostly after a meal.


Home made meals! Home cooked meals are the best honestly! This summer, I’ve been cooking my own food as opposed to eating in tthe schools’ cafeteria and there is a difference. Home cooked foods are more delicious and way healthier.


Drink lots of milk! I don’t fancy plain white milk and I can’t imagine drinking it alone. Instead, I opt for chocolate milk. It’s so delicious especially when it’s fresh out of the fridge. Yum yum yum.


Avoid heavy breakfasts! When your breakfast is heavy, it is easy to feel tired and blotted during the day instead of feeling refreshed. Examples of light breakfasts are; smoothies, apples, yoghurt and granola, eggs and bread, cereal and so on. For smoothies; I love my strawberry and banana smoothies.

Another thing I do is drink lots of water. I can’t go an hour without chugging on a bottle of water. At home, I slice cucumbers and put them in my water jug along with water and it just makes the water more refreshing. I change rather dliced cucumbers every 2-3 weeks to keep them fresh. When’re I go out, I make sure to have a bottle of water with me because I get dehydrated easily especially during the summer. Water makes your skin GLOW, I know this from experience.


Last tip I have for you guys is to avoid eating late, especially if you don’t want to worry about developing pot belly (regardless of your gender). Stay away from eating past 9pm except maybe ice cream for movie nights.

Hope you find these tips helpful and adhere to them.

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