Happy Monday!!! Hope you’re as  excited as I am this morning. It’s the start of a new week so hopefully you’re optimistic about the week ahead. I slept like a baby last night and apparently there was a raging thunderstorm that had my roommates in panic mode but I slept through it all. I feel like I can even sleep on water at this point and not realize. Okay, I’m rambling off again and I’ll stop now.

Anyways, where my Bellanaija crew at?I attended a wedding this weekend and I was so excited about it. It was my first Igbo traditional wedding and I was looking forward to the cultural aspect especially the part where the bride looks for her fiancé with a cup of palm wine. As usual, when I told my friends about going to the wedding, the banter was to go there and look for bae lmaoo. I even have a friend whose Dad makes her attend weddings to find a future husband. It’s hilarious and I love the banter.

I absolute love weddings, they  serve as huge reminders of God’s purpose for us; to love, be loved and procreate. It is very easy to forget this purpose especially with the devil attacking the institution of marriage lately. We are witnessing a rampage of broken homes, divorce, violence and mistrust. Personally, I became discouraged a while back and decided that true love does not exist anymore but then, I prayed severely about it and decided that my story is not everyone’s story. As long as  I put God first and keep the faith even if the devil wants me to lose it, my own husband will come at right time.


Just look at Ciara as an example, aunty dated almost all the bad boys in the entertainment industry, had a baby for uncle Future and that did not stop her from keeping the faith until her Mr. Right came along. That serves as a huge motivation for me because theirs is a relationship centered around God. Also, Meagan Good and Devon Franklin, Tim and Brelyn Bowman inspire me that it is possible to find true love. These are couples who allowed God be the center of their relationships and they are reaping the gain.

I know that there are some of you that might be on the verge of  giving up on love but please don’t. Don’t let society discourage you, find a couple around to inspire you or follow one on social media, your parents might be one. One thing I would say is that you don’t compromise who you are and what your standards are just to find someone. It is okay to tolerate a person’s attributes like snoring but do not settle for someone whose lifestyle is the complete opposite of yours . For example, you cannot compromise your faith if the person does not have the same belief. Sooner or later, your ideas will clash. This is why you need to go for someone who is equally yoked.

If you have a deep relationship with God, please don’t settle for someone who doesn’t or a mere church goer except they are open to getting plugged in without you forcing them to. If not, you might regret it after marriage and by then, you can’t blame anyone but yourself. If your partner causes you to sin, you might want to evaluate the relationship again because hell is too hot and the suffering is very real down there. Also, you cannot compromise with someone who shows traits of violence in the relationship. If he/she can hit you while you’re merely dating, what will happen if you get married. Please oo



Lastly, if you are young like I am right now, there is absolutely no rush. I’ll say this again, “There is no rush,” this time of your life is supposed to be for experiences. Stop crying about not having a boyfriend and start working on your life. Go out and have fun! Stop being stuck in that relationship that makes you sad 90% of the time. This is the time to break up easily and start being happy. You have about 60 or more years to be stuck  with your spouse after marriage so don’t spend your early life being stuck with someone who makes you unhappy!

Date wisely and explore different options. You have to have fun stories to tell your  children while they are growing up. if you’ve found le boo now, I’m super happy for you, don’t forget to invite me for the Owambe (wedding). Comment below if there is any tip you have or if you wanna share you thoughts on this topic.

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3 thoughts on “LOVE STILL EXISTS

  1. I enjoyed reading this. Do you think it’s possible for two people to just be doomed like they can never be truly happy or peaceful no matter how hard they try to make their relationship work? And it’s not like they don’t love each other. They do and they have been together a long time although on and off because of the issues and clashes that just keep coming up. It’s very very very difficult for both to let go and move on. The amount of times they are happy can’t be compared to the amount of times they fight and argue. But you know they say you should fight for what you want and not give up on love so easily. But you’re trying your best and it’s still not working. What do you do?

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    1. Yes! I think it’s possible. You know when people say love is never enough, maybe it actually isn’t but I’ve never been in that situation. The best I can say is pray hard, seek advice from those closest to you especially moms, they usually have the best advise but if they person makes you happy more times than they make you sad, I’ll say definitely keep fighting for them as long you’re sure of a lifetime of commitment with them and there’s no violence involved.But if you’re young, you can take a break from them, try testing out the waters by dating other people and see if you still want the person after that.


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