Best Eyeshadow palette and Giveaway! (Closed)


I’ve heard so many stories about the makeup company, Juvias place, mostly about their eyeshadow palettes that I had to purchase some products and see what the hype was all about. I ordered two eyeshadow palettes and when my package arrived yesterday, I didn’t need any convincing to admit that the palettes are bomb! Continue reading “Best Eyeshadow palette and Giveaway! (Closed)”

Life Update (Phobias, Habits and Obsession)


Hey beautiful people! I have been away for far too long and my only excuse is not being able to find the right balance between my busy schedule and blogging. Hopefully,I’ll get the hang of it soon. I was tagged  for the Phobias, Habits and Obsessions tag by the beautiful Dannie of, be sure to check out her blog! Here it goes.. Continue reading “Life Update (Phobias, Habits and Obsession)”

Let’s chat series!

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Hi Everyone! Happy new week once again. It’s slowly getting close to the conclusion of summer and  I bet no one wants the clock to stop ticking as much as I do. Today, I wanted to do something different. This post is going to be me reading your thoughts rather than you reading mine. I was having a conversation with my friends some days ago and this question popped up; “Why do we do what we do?” Why do we follow motivational accounts on social media, read our bibles, read blogs, seek advise from family and friends, listen to motivational speakers and get inspired only to end up doing what we please at the end of the day.  Continue reading “Let’s chat series!”

Cruising for a bruisin’


Hey hey!! It’s been a minute since I put up a post mainly because I’ve been trying to sort out lots of ideas in my mind and I was waiting for clarity but today, I decided to play around. I went on a yacht cruise today (my first time) and it was so much fun. Summer has been amazing so far and since  it is coming to an end soon, I want to enjoy every minute of it before school starts (not looking forward to that).  Keep reading to get the details of my day. Continue reading “Cruising for a bruisin’”