Cruising for a bruisin’


Hey hey!! It’s been a minute since I put up a post mainly because I’ve been trying to sort out lots of ideas in my mind and I was waiting for clarity but today, I decided to play around. I went on a yacht cruise today (my first time) and it was so much fun. Summer has been amazing so far and since  it is coming to an end soon, I want to enjoy every minute of it before school starts (not looking forward to that).  Keep reading to get the details of my day.

Outfit details:

Peplum top- Forever21

Wrap skirt- Bluenotes

Lace up Sandals- Aldo


Hanging out with friends is always fun and it was the highlight of my day.I hadn’t seen Amanda since Maye  and it was nice catching up.We played around, took lots of selfies, ate, sang horribly and rocked the dance floor. Everybody on the yacht was lit but the music consisted of mostly old school vibes so if you’re not into that, you might have been bored.

I was so jovial today that I decided to bring along my hat and add some flare to my look.

Another highlight was the beautiful scenery. Everything was so beautiful and relaxing.

If you’re in Philadelphia and want to go on this cruise which i would advise you to, download the Groupon app and search for ‘Ben Franklin Yacht’. The cruise is on till October 31st.

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