Let’s chat series!

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Hi Everyone! Happy new week once again. It’s slowly getting close to the conclusion of summer and  I bet no one wants the clock to stop ticking as much as I do. Today, I wanted to do something different. This post is going to be me reading your thoughts rather than you reading mine. I was having a conversation with my friends some days ago and this question popped up; “Why do we do what we do?” Why do we follow motivational accounts on social media, read our bibles, read blogs, seek advise from family and friends, listen to motivational speakers and get inspired only to end up doing what we please at the end of the day. 

These are some of the questions on my mind that you guys can answer, including the questions above:

Why do people still cheat knowing it is the wrong thing to do?

Why are we so inspired for a moment only to lose inspiration the next minute? Is there a guide for constant inspiration?

Why do we compare ourselves to others even with all the self love quotes around us?

Why are we still caught up on social media goals knowing that people mostly put up posts on social media when they are living well?

There are other unwritten questions that you guys might have answers to, you can answer by leaving your comments below. Let’s chat and not even try to solve anything.


Am I the only one that does this?

I  really want you guys to participate in this because I would love to know what everyone thinks. Hopefully, you guys engage. Have a blessed week! Love love always. Also, if you have an idea or a particular topic you want me to write a post about, feel free to leave a reply below or message me on any of my social media accounts. Your thoughts are always appreciated. I just want to get a feel for how everyone is doing, we are all striving to be the best version of ourselves and it helps to have a chat with other people sometimes and know you’re not alone. I’ll be doing more of this ‘Let’s chat’ in the future so don’t think you can avoid chatting if you ignore this one.

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9 thoughts on “Let’s chat series!

  1. To answer the question of why do we remain the same when surrounded by constant motivation is a complex one. (1) Laziness. We are simply just not willing to change and be stuck in our ways. (2) Fear. We are afraid of change and the steps we must take to allow transformation. It takes vulnerability and action, which can be viewed as a scary challenge. (3) Stubbornness. We are looking for motivation that coincides with our thoughts and feelings. If we see that, than we believe we are doing the right thing and do not need to change. We believe we are right where we are supposed to be.

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  2. Everything you listed is so valid Court, especially point 3. I find that I get more excited when I see a motivation that coincides with my actions as opposed to one that requires me working on myself.


  3. Insightful….Well, i think people do things basically because the want to grow and also to instill change. At least thats why i do what i do



  4. Feels like this thing right from my head, I was up last night thinking these same thoughts. We are tired of being stuck in where we are but too afraid to push ourselves out of that place. For so many people it might be for different reasons but I think it’s majorly fear, fear of the unknown.


  5. Also, we get so comfortable with our current situation that asking us change seems like bringing us out of our comfort zone. Some people are just so afraid of change that they rather remain where they are even if its not the best or even if they are so sure that what lies ahead is better😊😊😊Most of the times we are so adamant that what we are doing is so right and no matter who talks to us or which motivational books we read,we aren’t convinced that we may be wrong. 😀😀😀

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