Life Update (Phobias, Habits and Obsession)


Hey beautiful people! I have been away for far too long and my only excuse is not being able to find the right balance between my busy schedule and blogging. Hopefully,I’ll get the hang of it soon. I was tagged  for the Phobias, Habits and Obsessions tag by the beautiful Dannie of, be sure to check out her blog! Here it goes..


Failure: This is probably my biggest drawback in life and I have let it be so many times. I’m scared to try out new things in any aspect of my life because I think I would fail and be laughed at. This is why I failed to try out anything athletic back in high school. On a bright note, I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone lately and learning that failure is just a part of life I have to deal with.

Chickens: I detest chickens so much, like I hate them with such passion, it is probably due to the fact that a chicken bit me when I was a child for no reason. It even took me a while to accept chicken as part of my meals.  Although, I will always prefer turkey.


Using my phone first thing in the morning: I cannot wake up properly without taking a glance at my phone. It’s like I need social media to wake me up these days and it has become a habit that I know I need to curb.

Talking: This is simple, I enjoy talking and I talk a lot!

Smiling/Laughing: If you’re close to me, you’ll probably notice this a thousand times, if you don’t know me, you’ll think I’m guilty of something or just weird because of this. To me, smiling is an exercise which I utilise, not every time serious face.

Binge watching: Whenever I start a new show, I find it hard to stop watching. I’ll find ways to sneak the show into my daily routine like while I’m brushing my teeth, eating and so on.



Personal space: I enjoy my personal space so much, I love being in control of where I am and doing whatever I want to without bothering anyone else.

My phone: I don’t even need to explain this, if there is anyone of you that isn’t obsessed with his or her phone, please I would like to know you.

Youtube: This became an obsession recently. The likes of Makeupbyshayla, Patricia Bright, Toke Makinwa, NdaniTV, Twyse Ereme and so on got me hooked

TV Shows: To mention a few; Suits, Prison Break, Grey’s Anatomy, How I met your mother, Bachelor,maybe Game of Thrones are my favs.


Life Update: Started my first job today and I’m really excited for this new journey. Officially an almost grown woman.

Blazer from Old Navy

 Dress from

Hope you guys enjoyed this! I’m going to stop now and tag the lovely  Chineye of Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and share your comments below on any weird phobias, habits and obsessions you guys have! Next post will be a very exciting giveaway, keep posted.


7 thoughts on “Life Update (Phobias, Habits and Obsession)

  1. Congratulations on your first job. Pls who isn’t addicted to their phones, lol. And YouTube yes 🙌. What hair do you have on? And that Dress!! You know how much I love burgundy!


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