Cheers to back to school season!

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Back to school season everyone! How are you guys feeling about this? I dreaded going back to school for the longest time but it is finally here and it does not seem so bad. I made it through first week and happily conquered it! Today, I’m sharing with you guys some lessons I learned about school outside of the classroom.

Number one thing I learnt is that time honestly waits for no one. Time management is such a buzzkill especially when you have to balance your academics, social life, mental health, maybe a job all together. I had to set my alarm this week 2 hours before I needed to wake up or accomplish a task just so I give myself a good head start. The days went by so quickly and I really don’t know where they are rushing to. I also prayed  in the mornings, I find it so hard to pray later in the day if I postpone it when I wake up.

You have to force yourself to look good sometimes. My mom always told me to try to look better than I feel and it is a good way of avoiding unwarranted attention from people (especially those who don’t care). They won’t bother asking you if anything is wrong if you don’t look miserable. I definitely don’t do this all the time especially on those days when I ignore my alarm and have to hurry to class but I try. It was only the first week of school last week so I had plenty time to get ready.

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Surround yourself with positive energy/ really close friends. Good relationships honestly keep you going. Don’t forget to relax, have a good laugh, gist, eat well and go out throughout the craziness of the next few months. Don’t just study your life away, literally.

Be involved on campus! College years are the best times to enjoy various free utilities available to you (although your tuition paid for it). Enjoy the free games, giveaways, social activities, volunteering opportunities and organisations all around campus. Everything stops being free once we become adults. I learnt to cheer my school’s football team during a game even when they are bound to lose. Temple’s school spirit during games is so overwhelming.

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That’s all I’m sharing today! Are any of you back to school yet? How are you feeling about it? Do you have any tips a girl could use?

In case you liked my outfits and wanted to cop the styles, details are:

Mom jeans and white crop top- Missguided

Sneakers- Adidas

Sunglasses- Temple gear

Zip up denim Skirt- Charlotte Russe

Off the shoulder  black crop top- Missguided

Black hat- Armani

Black slip on sandals- Old Navy

4 thoughts on “Cheers to back to school season!

  1. I love this! I’m resuming on the 27th and this is really helpful. You’re so right about not studying your life away. If anyone has been doing that, they need to stop. There’s soo much to experience, places to go, things to do.
    Although, during the summer, I low-key started to miss school, lol.


  2. Both outfits look so good, Fortunately for me I am out of school but. I can rock this look when am out with friends on the weekend.


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