As Summer Ends

Happy Weekend! I wish this was as fancy as it sounds but with homework and papers to write,  it’s more like happy workstart!


Summer is basically over and I had a blast! Summer ’16 is easily my best summer so far. I had a great experience and I’d like to share with you some things I did that you should try out next summer. These activities promise to be loads of fun and they’re great summer plans for those of you who find it hard to come up with fun things to do over summer break.


First tip: Spend a day at the lake or pool if you can. I recommend kayaking because I was lucky to try it out for the first time this summer. It was relaxing and beautiful, a great way to exercise too.


Second tip: Enjoy a day at an Amusement park and allow the thrill of crazy rides make you feel young again. Also, you want to go with adventurous friends that will push you to step out of your comfort zone and try out the craziest rides.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Third tip: Beach trips are common summer plans and rightfully so. I went to the beach 3 or 4 times this summer and it was a blast each time. Play volleyball, football, bring a speaker along with you, splash around in the water, and have a good time.

Fourth tip: Take a day trip to explore your city or one close to you, New York city is a great one! I had to go twice.


Hey there Justine Skye!


Fifth tip: Another fun idea is to enjoy a concert! This can be brutal if you get floor tickers, arrive late, and have to push yourself all the way to the front to see a favourite artist but it is worth it. I watched Rihanna perform a couple weeks ago and she slayed my life! No jokes, she’s breathtaking!

ice cream.jpg

Sixth tip: Ice cream night is must do! Take in the beautiful night scenery around you while biting into your delicious ice cream. A very good ice cream place in Philadelphia is The Franklin Fountain. Guys it’s bomb!


Seventh tip: If there is  festival happening around you, go! Leave ya house and go have fun especially if it’s free and there is food.


Lastly, take a lot of pictures/ selfies. Thanks for reading guys! I wanna know what you guys did over the summer, any fun thing you did that I left out?

7 thoughts on “As Summer Ends

  1. Wow. You really did alot this summer. All I did was work and blog 😩😩. But I’ve gotten some inspiration for my to-do list, lol and it’s more fun if you have real friends you can go crazy with. Thanks for sharing. The pics are beautiful and hollup, does that guy hv 8 pacs or what?


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