Ride or die Makeup tag

Hey guys! Today is all about makeup. I’m sharing with you my favourite beauty products in this face beat game so far and also some tips along the way.

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  1. My L.A girl pro concealers and colour correctors. None of you are probably surprised by this but these products are great for concealing all those flaws you know. Your face is gonna be snatched after using these products. They are worth the hype.

2. My all time favourite foundations. The Lancome one is perfect, it is medium to full coverage and great for all skin types. I’ve not heard a bad review about this foundation ever. The makeup forever one is the perfect everyday foundation. You can get away with lying that your face is naturally flawless with this foundation you know. Both foundations are mattes so they’re especially great for my oily skin gang.

Tip: When you find a foundation that works for you, stick to it, finding your perfect foundation mach is a struggle and I would know this. What works for your bestie might not work for you.

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3. Best Mascaras ever!! I haven’t looked at another brand of mascara since I started wearing these, especially together. Lashes be looking long and full. They’re the L’oreal voluminous mascaras.

4. My all time fave powders. The sacha buttercup powder is the bestest setting powder on earth no lies, especially for dark skin girls. The two mac powders are great finishing powders after all the highlight and contour. One is the Mac Mineralize skin finish powder and the other is the Mac Studio fix powder. Excuse the broken one, I’m too clumsy.

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5. Beauty beauty blenders! These are must haves for blending and beating that face, literally.

Tip: Wet your beauty blender completely and dry it with a towel before use. Using a damp beauty blender changes everything. It is easier to work with and blends makeup better when damp.

6. Best setting sprays on the planet. Make my makeup last all night, no jokes. The Urban decay all nighter makeup setting spray and the Mac Prep + Prime.

7. Still searching for that banging highlight? Try the Becca highlight in the shade Topaz and tell me your testimony. I won’t even stress this, just check out the glow in the picture below.


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8. This oil free primer gives me all kinds of good vibes. It glides smoothly onto my skin and makes my foundation easy to apply. It also makes my makeup last.

9. I haven’t tried any other eyeshadow primers but I never felt the need to because this urban decay eyeshadow potion. I’ve been using this tiny tube for more than a year now and it’s not getting exhausted anytime soon.


9. This is the bestestett primer ever if that word exists. It is the milk of magnesia and although, it is not originally a beauty product, it works miracles at making your makeup last all day and night!!! Guys, I’m not exaggerating. You won’t break a sweat on your face when you use it, just give it a try.

11. Last but definitely not the least is the Anastasia Contour Kit in the shade, medium to dark. The only colours I use in this palette are the two dark ones and they are perfect for contouring! There is also a highlight in this palette and it is not too shabby.

Tip: Did you know you can return products to Sephora if  you don’t like them and they’re still half full or more. I just became aware of this and it is about to save my life.

Also, I got all these products from Sephora, Amazon and Mac if anyone was wondering. And guys, do we share any beauty faves in common? Let me know and let’s be besties.

Oh, I also wrote a post about my current favourite eyeshadow palettes if you want to check that out here.

8 thoughts on “Ride or die Makeup tag

  1. I enjoyed reading this. I thought you would share your fave lippies as well and eyeliner. oh well, have you tried using Nivea Mens Aftershave as a primer, I heard your makeup wouldn’t even move after using it even during the summer.


    1. Hey girl! I plan on doing a different post about lippies but with liners, I haven’t had any luck finding a perfect one, I’m still trying different products, I’ll update when I find the one lool. Any recommendations?


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