Mama, we made it!

2018-20151117-LooksLikeWeMadeIt.pngAnd we did it! We successfully conquered this week! We aced the midterms and the papers. Now, we have a thousand more papers to complete. But hey! We are one step closer to college graduation, one step closer to getting that dream job and a million miles farther from where we first started. This may just slightly be for me than it is for you guys but I am happy! You know that week you thought you would be drained, and couldn’t overcome, that was this week for me, but we did it and now, there’s nothing we can’t do (‘we’ because this might have been you this week too).

Now, I apologise for failing to complete the Breast Cancer series on Wednesday but I didn’t forget, trust me. I just had to finish my exams and get a clear head. Even in the midst of the craziness of the week, I still managed to squeeze in a little time to discover some things on the Internet and I’ll be sharing my findings with you guys. Not findings like entirely new things, more like my loves this week. Continue reading “Mama, we made it!”

Blogger Recognition Award


Hey everyone! Happy new week again, hope you are not feeling under the weather lately. I pray for God’s strength for each of you. This post is long overdue but you know, we are going to get into it anyway. I was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by Fola of Thoughts of Fola and I couldn’t be more honoured. For the award, I am to write a post on the blog and answer a series of questions. I hope you all learn more about me through my answers and here it goes… Continue reading “Blogger Recognition Award”

In October, we wear pink

Hey! Welcome to another Wednesday on the blog. This post is in continuation  of the ongoing Breast Cancer Awareness series I have posting about weekly in October (check out last week’s post here ). Don’t forget that this series is in collaboration with Dannie of DateswithDannie, make sure you check out her blog to see what she’s enlightening us on this week.  Continue reading “In October, we wear pink”

Let’s Chat series- Struggles + Collab

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Hey everyone! Welcome to another Let’s chat series. I started this series in August and I enjoyed hearing feedbacks on how people liked it. So, I decided to make this a monthly series where I share an experience with you all and you share yours with me and everyone too! Hopefully, this is the beginning of something really exciting.  Continue reading “Let’s Chat series- Struggles + Collab”

Am I at risk for Breast Cancer? Part 2


Hey Everyone! We’re halfway through this week already and I was just thinking of how this year flew by quickly. It’s already the middle of October and 2017 is right around the corner. Today is the continuation of the Breast Cancer Awareness series that Danielle of Dateswithdannie and I are collaborating on. This week, each of us will be sharing six activities that can potentially put people at more risk for breast cancer. You guys should definitely check out Dannie’s blog! It is important that we are educated about this things as mature, educated ladies instead of living in ignorance and saying ‘God forbid! I will just pray and it is not my portion.’

Okay, let’s get right into today’s hot topic. Continue reading “Am I at risk for Breast Cancer? Part 2”

Church- Yay or Nay?

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Happy Sunday guys! It’s such a dull day today, in contrast to the bright pictures I have up. This post is going to be a personal one. Someone once asked me why I make church a priority and I brushed the question off. However, during service today, the question randomly tugged at heart again and I kind of figured out the answers. That’s what I’m sharing with you today. Continue reading “Church- Yay or Nay?”

Don’t touch my hair

Heyyy guys! You’re all probably wondering why I am posting twice this week but you know sometimes, I can get hyper and decide to surprise you all plus it’s been a while, bet you all missed me ;). This week, I listened to some new music and they are top of my list right now therefore, I’m letting you guys in o them.

I don’t listen to Solange usually, but I accidentally clicked on her new music video ‘Don’t touch my hair’ on youtube and continued listening to her album! This album is soooooo good! It’s also really chilled and lyrical. It’s called ‘Seat at the table’. This year is all about sitting at the table and drinking lemonade with our favourite Knowles.solange-seat-at-table-thatgrapejuice-600x600 Continue reading “Don’t touch my hair”

Bet you didn’t know these about Breast cancer

IMG_20161004_210101.jpg                                                            Danie wearing her pink ribbon

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? Hope midterms aren’t getting the best of all of you. My life has been pretty chilled. In honour of Breast cancer month, October, fellow blogger, Danielle of ( and I have decided to collaborate and give you guys something useful throughout this month. I am going to post something cancer related every Wednesday this month and Dannie will also be posting regularly. Be sure to check out her blog. Also, every Thursday, Dannie has a talk forum on her blog called “Girl Chat Series’ it’s amazing and I’m always there for it.

Okay, let’s jump right into it, I know a lot of you are aware of the common myths and general knowledge of Breast cancer but I did some research and found some interesting things and decided to share with you. Enjoy! Continue reading “Bet you didn’t know these about Breast cancer”