Bet you didn’t know these about Breast cancer

IMG_20161004_210101.jpg                                                            Danie wearing her pink ribbon

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? Hope midterms aren’t getting the best of all of you. My life has been pretty chilled. In honour of Breast cancer month, October, fellow blogger, Danielle of ( and I have decided to collaborate and give you guys something useful throughout this month. I am going to post something cancer related every Wednesday this month and Dannie will also be posting regularly. Be sure to check out her blog. Also, every Thursday, Dannie has a talk forum on her blog called “Girl Chat Series’ it’s amazing and I’m always there for it.

Okay, let’s jump right into it, I know a lot of you are aware of the common myths and general knowledge of Breast cancer but I did some research and found some interesting things and decided to share with you. Enjoy!


  1. Did you know that African- American women are more likely to die from the disease. Even though breast cancer isn’t commonly diagnosed in African-American women younger than 45, they are more likely to die from the disease if eventually they are diagnosed.


2. Your friends are powerful anti-cancer drugs in the fight against breast cancer. Keeping an active social circle and hanging out with those that make you happy can help reduce your chances of getting breast cancer. This is because stress and isolation may have the power to increase tumor growth in the breast.


3. Every 13 minutes, a woman dies from breast cancer. This is very heartbreaking but it is a reality that occurs. I pray that none of us are victims of this.

gty_fish_oil_ll_130628_33x16_1600.jpg4. Fish oil may help reduce your risk. I definitely did not know this but apparently, fish oil may reduce your risk of breast cancer by 32 percent. Wooo!. The omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil may help combat breast cancer, particularly invasive ductal breast cancer which is the most common form of the disease. Fish supplements are useful, I used to detest them when I was younger but now, I’m a fan lool.


5.Found a lump? Visit your Doctor but don’t sweat it. 80 percent of lumps detected are harmless.

Tip: When looking into genetic clues, don’t only observe your mother’s family tree, your Dad’s side of the family matters too.

Have a great month guys!!

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