Don’t touch my hair

Heyyy guys! You’re all probably wondering why I am posting twice this week but you know sometimes, I can get hyper and decide to surprise you all plus it’s been a while, bet you all missed me ;). This week, I listened to some new music and they are top of my list right now therefore, I’m letting you guys in o them.

I don’t listen to Solange usually, but I accidentally clicked on her new music video ‘Don’t touch my hair’ on youtube and continued listening to her album! This album is soooooo good! It’s also really chilled and lyrical. It’s called ‘Seat at the table’. This year is all about sitting at the table and drinking lemonade with our favourite Knowles.solange-seat-at-table-thatgrapejuice-600x600 Continue reading “Don’t touch my hair”