Church- Yay or Nay?

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Happy Sunday guys! It’s such a dull day today, in contrast to the bright pictures I have up. This post is going to be a personal one. Someone once asked me why I make church a priority and I brushed the question off. However, during service today, the question randomly tugged at heart again and I kind of figured out the answers. That’s what I’m sharing with you today.

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For me, the main reason I go to church is for community. So many people might think that after giving your life to christ, life starts to go on smoothly. This is not the case for me, there are so many struggles you begin to face as a believer. You start realising that it is so hard to let go of everything you thought was normal before you came to Christ. Having a strong community of believers around you to support, lend you a shoulder to cry on and mentor you can make these ordeals much easier. And where else would you find this strong community of believers? It’s church for me.

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Another reason for me is reminder. As a christian, I am in need of constant reminders of ways to become better and live more Christ like. I yearn for deeper understanding of the scriptures and history. So whenever I get a chance to listen and learn from someone (a pastor) who has in depth knowledge of the things I seek, I jump on it. It’s amazing how refreshed you can feel when you hear the right words or scriptures at the right time.

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This is not my last reason but it is the last reason that I can put into words. I go to church for empowerment. Those days when I feel down and try to come up with a million reasons why I won’t go to church are the days I fight the hardest to go. I just know that the very thing being resistant in my heart at the time is what needs the most work on. It might be feeling ashamed for something you think God won’t forgive you for but there is really nothing he does not forgive us for. Even the worst of the worst amongst us. Also, the devil could really be holding you back from your special package from heaven that day.

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These reasons are the few I could come up with regarding why I go to church. Has anyone ever struggled with answering these questions like I did? If so, hopefully my answers can lead you to your own conclusions.

Dress made by my wonderful Tailor, she slays when you nag her 24/7. Have a great week!

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