Am I at risk for Breast Cancer? Part 2


Hey Everyone! We’re halfway through this week already and I was just thinking of how this year flew by quickly. It’s already the middle of October and 2017 is right around the corner. Today is the continuation of the Breast Cancer Awareness series that Danielle of Dateswithdannie and I are collaborating on. This week, each of us will be sharing six activities that can potentially put people at more risk for breast cancer. You guys should definitely check out Dannie’s blog! It is important that we are educated about this things as mature, educated ladies instead of living in ignorance and saying ‘God forbid! I will just pray and it is not my portion.’

Okay, let’s get right into today’s hot topic. Did you have the slightest clue before reading this that the following activities could increase your chances of getting breast cancer? I definitely did not.

1. Starting menopause after 55 increases a woman’s chances of breast cancer. Don’t let this scare you, this only increases her chances, it is not a definite yes that she gets the disease.


2. Family history and background- Women who have close relatives suffering or have suffered from the disease are at higher risk.


3. Obesity


4. Childlessness or late Childbearing (having a child in your fifties)  increases your risk for the disease also.


5. Previous encounter with breast cancer- It sucks to know that being a survivor of breast cancer puts you at a higher risk of the disease again. Dedicating a moment of silence to all the cancer survivors out there, join me if you want to. We love you all.


6. Intake of birth control pills (oral contraceptives) and birth control shots. Basically, being born as women put us at high risk of Breast Cancer.


Thanks for reading guys! Hope you were enlightened. You all are awesome, wishing you a fab week.

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