Let’s Chat series- Struggles + Collab

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Hey everyone! Welcome to another Let’s chat series. I started this series in August and I enjoyed hearing feedbacks on how people liked it. So, I decided to make this a monthly series where I share an experience with you all and you share yours with me and everyone too! Hopefully, this is the beginning of something really exciting. Today’s series is about Struggle! I can only imagine all kinds of struggles we all have faced as human beings. Let me take a guess and say that we have faced and overcame a lot of them! Today, I’m sharing the hardest struggle I faced upon starting college and how I overcame it. I would love to hear about your struggles too so feel free to leave a comment if you struggled with the same issue I did and how you overcame it, or if it is a totally different struggle.

One thing I struggled with when I started college was signing up for too much. I’m a pretty outgoing person and I like to be involved wherever I am. This is definitely a  positive thing but it becomes negative when you forget to take out time for yourself to relax, refresh your energy and you basically take on too much. I joined about six clubs in my first semester and I was crazy to think that I could make time for all of them while keeping up my grades, sleeping well and staying socially active without burning out. I did this for about a month and then I couldn’t handle it any longer, I was drained physically and mentally.

This was when I realized I needed an action plan, I was away from home and couldn’t depend on mummy to make decisions for me, I was responsible for my life now. I decided to stop going to the clubs I had joined that weren’t beneficial to me or my future career (about 3 of them), I started making use of my planner (took it to every class and wrote down due dates of homework and exams when the professors mention them). I also learnt that it is okay to say NO. It is okay to say no to a friend’s get together for example, if you need some time to yourself. Our bodies are machines and they need to be taken care of. Resting and eating well (not just for survival matters) and I learned this. Overall, my first semester in college was very successful. I am glad I faced this challenge and overcame it very early because it has molded me and is still molding me into the person I am now.


Today’s post in in collaboration with the gorgeous Chinenye of Empressmicky’s blog. Chi says, ” I’m Chinenye, biochemistry student of Federal University Of Technology,Owerri in Imo state Nigeria, currently completing my Internship and moving to my final year. Lover of good music,Fashion ,entertainment ,Art, creative lifestyle generally and i can say, I love the good life. I’ve been called drama queen recently , though I don’t consider myself to be one,i just think I can get emotional with things I value and literally go extreme just to show much I care. So far, it’s been a beautiful experience,being a blogger has opened my mind into exploring other aspects of life outside the regular….” click here to find out more about what Chinenye has struggled with thus far and how she is overcoming it.

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On a side note, I always wear solid colours, I just noticed. I don’t really like floral prints and I have no idea why. I’ll rather just wear solid bold colours and call it a day. It’s also amazing how a new hairstyle can make you feel like a brand new person. This is how I’m feeling now. Thanks for reading guys! You all are awesome. If you missed my last Let’s Chat post, you can catch up by clicking here.

Outfit deatils:

Highwaisted pants from Missguided

Off shoulder top from Boohoo

Bag from H and M

Shoes from Lolashoetique, find it on Instagram.

Glow from Baba God!




6 thoughts on “Let’s Chat series- Struggles + Collab

  1. Lola 😊😊 1st semester 6 clubs only you?? Lol. Lovely read. You look amazing as usual. Glow from Baba God, you know!!! 😘 , you know you can make this a tag like my biggest challenge in Uni tag! And start tagging other student bloggers to do it until it spreads. Starting with me!! 🙋🙋


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