Blogger Recognition Award


Hey everyone! Happy new week again, hope you are not feeling under the weather lately. I pray for God’s strength for each of you. This post is long overdue but you know, we are going to get into it anyway. I was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by Fola of Thoughts of Fola and I couldn’t be more honoured. For the award, I am to write a post on the blog and answer a series of questions. I hope you all learn more about me through my answers and here it goes…

Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you:

I already did above. Thank you Fola for nominating me. Check out Fola’s blog here.

Give a brief story about how you started blogging:

I started blogging in June 2016 (this year) and let me just say, it’s been great so far. I had no idea there was a huge community of amazing bloggers that would open up to me when I started and I’m glad I found them. I started blogging as a hobby and the interest started when I randomly started following bloggers on social media and loved what they were doing (and I was pushed to it jokingly by a friend). Before then, I had no idea there was a whole scenery around blogging, I was lost in the world let me just say.

Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers:

  1. Be consistent: Every blogger says it and it is very true. The only way to boost yourself and your blog is to be persistent with your posts and content.
  2. Never stop researching and discovering things that inspire you!

Nominate 15 deserving bloggers: Almost everyone I want to nominate has already been nominated so Imma limit this to 7 bloggers/vloggers that I really admire.

  1. Beth Fayemi of
  2. Chinenye of, formerly known as Empressmicky. Chinenye and I recently did a collab on this post.
  3. Tosin Alabi of
  4. Sandra Adeyemi of
  5. Simi of stretch-tistheseason
  6. Bisi Ibironke(inspirational vlogger).check her out here,
  7. Adeola Gbadebo of christian&

You guys need to check them out! A big thank you for stopping bye, have a blessed and hassle free week!


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