Mama, we made it!

2018-20151117-LooksLikeWeMadeIt.pngAnd we did it! We successfully conquered this week! We aced the midterms and the papers. Now, we have a thousand more papers to complete. But hey! We are one step closer to college graduation, one step closer to getting that dream job and a million miles farther from where we first started. This may just slightly be for me than it is for you guys but I am happy! You know that week you thought you would be drained, and couldn’t overcome, that was this week for me, but we did it and now, there’s nothing we can’t do (‘we’ because this might have been you this week too).

Now, I apologise for failing to complete the Breast Cancer series on Wednesday but I didn’t forget, trust me. I just had to finish my exams and get a clear head. Even in the midst of the craziness of the week, I still managed to squeeze in a little time to discover some things on the Internet and I’ll be sharing my findings with you guys. Not findings like entirely new things, more like my loves this week. Continue reading “Mama, we made it!”