Would you still wear school uniforms?


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Remember back in high school when we were forced to wear school uniforms? I won’t be wrong if I was to say that almost everyone was against this concept, will I?. I know my friends and I were not having it. We would try to shorten our school skirts, be fancy with our school cardigans or do anything to feel like we weren’t trapped in uniform.

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Fast forward to college, I was excited to finally be given the freedom to wear whatever I felt like wearing everyday of the week. I was very naive to think I would get to dress up like Beyonce every single day, lmaoo. I just laugh at myself now.

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I now know that ain’t nobody got the time to be dressing like Beyonce everyday. Instead, I have learnt to develop a personal uniform for myself. Not uniform in the sense of wearing the same thing everyday. But uniform in the sense of picking staple colours, clothing types that work for me and those that are easy to grab and wear, even as early as 7am.

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I have lots of jeans (mostly blue)  and way too much black t shirts. So on those days where I wake up super late for class, I don’t even waste a second thinking of what to wear, I just go for blue jeans, a t shirt, sweatshirt or sweater on cold days. I learnt the trick of having a go to uniform from a stylist I heard speak at event, a while ago. Let me just say, this tip has helped me a lot! I will keep making use of it even when after college (and I know my wardrobe would have changed by then, less jeans and more work clothes).

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And I definitely do not dress up like this everyday, I just decided to be fancy in black and denim for the purpose of church. On a school day, I will most likely be in blue or black jeans and a top, sweater or sweatshirt.

Knee length boots from Guess

Skater denim skirt from Forever 21

Turtleneck Bodysuit from Boohoo.com

Paired with leggings from Forever21

Bag from H and M

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Hope this post is useful to someone, thanks for stopping by, always a pleasure! Hope you’re having a great week so far? Do you have a go to uniform like I do, or are you open to developing one?

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