Just another Chapter

img_7809Hi everyone! I know I know, not all of you are in the mood of reading a blog post today but wait. Don’t shut me out just yet, this post isn’t about me today, it’s about all of us. I know a lot of you are disheartened, confused, disappointed and heart broken and trust me, I get you. But in the midst of this chaos, it is very easy to forget that this election period was merely another chapter in this long story book of the world. I am reading this new book (picture below) by Devon Franklin, and I was encouraged by some of his thoughts and I thought I would share with you guys what he wrote. Trust me, this is in relation with what is going on with the world! I hope you are encouraged.


“For years, I pondered this issue. I wondered why God needed us to serve him at all. He created everything. Why does he need me or you to fulfil his plan for the world? Couldn’t he just wave his hand and create the world that he envisions? Why ask us to serve and then put us through trial and tribulation? It didn’t make sense until I thought about the idea of God as a storyteller, and then it occurred to me- he is making us stronger and better by allowing us to face conflict, overcome obstacles, and learn from failures. Remember what 1 Corinthians 10:13 says: “No test or temptation that comes your way is beyond the course of what others have had to face. All you need to remember is that God will never let you down; he’ll never let you be pushed past your limit; he’ll always be there to help you through it” (The Message).

“God is our Father and we are his children. We are made in his image with the free will to choose our destiny. If he were to simply order our lives to change in the blink of an eye or to remake this world as an earthly paradise, we would be as helpless and dysfunctional as those spoiled children of rich parents. We would be his puppets. That’s not what God wants for us. He helps us write our scripts so that we have the chance to work hard, surmount barriers, and become stronger. This is why, I believe, he calls us to his service and writes a script with highs and lows, conflict and resolution. In struggling and finding our way so that we can serve him, we come to out own”. Again, these are not my words, they are Devon’s words which I hope will spark hope in you in the midst of darkness.

I hope that if you are reading this, you remember that this election is merely another chapter in this continuous human race. We won’t always have wins, sometimes we have to endure a situation we do not like while holding on to hope for a better tomorrow. I’m sure you can relate to this, it happens all the time with your personal life. I am personally convicted that Trump’s reign won’t bring an end to the world (God’s law is still prevalent let’s not forget).

Also, some of you guys have to lighten up and develop a sense of humour. A lot of people are joking about moving to another country or back to their homeland, we all know this won’t be happening, it’s all jokes. So please calm down and stop attacking those that are trying to make us laugh yeah? Cheers to a better tomorrow!

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