The Perfect Gift


‘Tis the season to be thankful! And I am super thankful for all of you. I have been trying my hardest this week to be motivated and productive as opposed to just lazying around since I have my thanksgiving break this week. I think I’m doing an okay job so far. To those of you currently writing exams, goodluck to you all! May the speedforce be with you (if you watch Flash, you’ll get that).

Today is all about being thankful, sharing gifts and food with the ones dearest to your heart. Speaking of sharing, that’s what this post is about. What do you often share with those you love? Do you share money, material things or do you prefer  giving from within. I’ve come up with 3 things that I like to share or give personally to people aside from material things because trust me while it is great to give presents to people (even those who don’t appreciate them), it is very easy to buy things for people forgetting that other things matter too.

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  1. Share your love: It is so hard to do this, some people just make it easy to hate them and I keep struggling with how to share my love with these types of people. But to do this, you have to remember that it is super easy to love people you like, it takes ‘bravery and boldness’ to love those who don’t deserve the love. But for you to be free in mind and not constantly let your hatred overwhelm you, you have to make it a conscious effort to say, ‘you’ll show love to this person’ just like Jesus did for example. Uncle (I refer to him as my uncle too) never loved only good people, he showered more love on the broken.

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2. Share your patience and understanding: When you start to share your love, you have to understand that people have different backgrounds, beliefs and lifestyles. Personally, I have no patience, I usually want everything done my way but I have had to learn. I had to because I was constantly getting disappointed and complaining. But when I started to develop patience (I’m sure you’re happy mummy), I started to enjoy more, less things irritated me and, I started to accommodate people. I started to understand that I probably also do things that people are not used to but they don’t break my head because of that. Still learning to be patient but I’m far from where I used to be.

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3. Share your time and prayer: If you love someone, you will make time for them, especially when they are going through hard times. You will call, text and listen to them. You will be sad and cry with them if need be. You will pray for them if they ask you to, and even if they don’t. It is important to note that we have to intercede on people’s behalf a lot of times, because when people are going through rough times, they usually find it hard to pray, so you have to help them out.

Now that you’ve finished reading this, if you have any other contributions about attributes that people should share, feel free to comment below. Once again, Happy thanksgiving everyone! Hope you all have a joyous and food filled one.

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