Battle of the cleansers

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Cleansers, cleansers, cleansers! It’s random how I’ve collected 6 cleansers within a short period of time. I was going through my cabinet last night, and realized I had 6 cleansers. In my head, I owned only 2 or 3. So today, I’ll be reviewing each of these cleansers, in case you have seen them around and wandered about them. Feel free to share your thoughts on them below.

Let’s start with my fave: Dudu Osun. 

dudu osun

I’m an oily faced girl and this is why I love this. I know a lot of people complain that this black soap dries them out but that’s why I like it. My face feels squeaky clean and dry after using this, it wipes away all the oil. Also, I prefer solid soaps to liquid (just a matter of preference). To me, they do not leave any soap residue on my face and I spend less time rinsing my face when I use them. I use this mostly at night to remove all the dirt and oils from the day.


Another fave is this Mary Kay Time wise cleanser: If this soap was in solid form, it would be my fave because it is bomb! It contains tiny beads for exfoliating but it’s so gentle that it can be used as a daily cleanser. It also comes off easily, no need to spend a lot of time rinsing the soap off. And it is foamy! (I love foamy cleansers). If you get this, you’ll be thanking me later, I promise. This is the most expensive cleanser I own, I think it retails for $40.


This third cleanser is mostly for exfoliating. It’s the Garnier Blackhead Eliminating Scrub. This brand is seriously slept on because this cleanser has helped me so much with black spots on my face. I use it two times a week, sometimes once because I’m lazy and it requires a lot of time to rinse off.


Next cleanser is this Murad time release acne cleanser. I got this along with other Murad acne products during the summer when I was breaking out like crazy. I can’t say that this product helped with my acne because I broke out more, but as soon as I stopped using the other Murad products and focused on this cleanser alone, my face improved. Maybe it wasn’t the cleanser after all. Although it’s not my favourite cleanser, the one thing I like about this is that it tingles when you use it, it makes me feel like the the product is working.


Cetaphil cleanser: This one is my staple product, it’s always there for me, mostly because the bottle is huge, you get so much product for very minimal price. This cleanser is a regular daily cleanser, it doesn’t fight acne or anything like that but it is great! It doesn’t dry out the skin and I think it’s great for all skin types, sensitive, dry, oily, normal and everything in between.


Thanks for reading.

6 thoughts on “Battle of the cleansers

  1. Thanks for sharing! The only product I’ve used from your list is the Mary Kay, which is really great! I’m more of an Aveeno girl and have been for years. I’m afraid to use anything else, lol


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