The Africa they don’t show you series (Owambe edition)


Hi everyone! Welcome to Hazy fantasies, thanks for stopping by! Today, I’m starting something new. As the countdown to 2017 begins, I would like all of us, who are global citizens of the world, to walk into the new year less ignorant about the diverse world we share. This post is not to make anyone feel bad I promise. I’ve been studying in America for a while, and I’ve heard some really ignorant comments about Africa (So you guys wear clothes? Do you like live in huts and stuff?). These are comments that have been inspired by the overly bias media, I understand, but the world is becoming too global for anyone to be ignorant about other places around the world. To address this issue, I decided to write a couple of posts showing you the beautiful continent, where I’m from.

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Although, many countries in Africa are going through economic and socioeconomic meltdowns, my country, Nigeria being one of them. It might be easy to think that this means zero partying in the country,  but you couldn’t be more wrong. In Nigeria especially, there are parties everyday, which we refer to as ‘Owambe’. Continue reading “The Africa they don’t show you series (Owambe edition)”

I met Toke Makinwa- and she had a lot to say

Hi guys! If you didn’t know, I’m back in Lasgidi (Lagos, Nigeria) baby! I only got back Thursday night, and it has been good so far. I’m so jet-lagged right now, but I had to put this post up, before I get too lazy. Even though I was tired from my flight yesterday, when I saw on Instagram that Toke Makinwa was having a meet and greet for her book, you know I had to go. If you don’t know about Toke, you probably missed this post, you should go read it before reading this!


My first thought when I saw her was, “Wawuu, she’s so light skinned and pretty.”


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The meet and greet was so chilled, we were served free frozen yoghurt by Toksstaar, hung around the cozy fro-yo joint (Sweet Kiwi), and gisted. Toke is funny and down to earth, I expected nothing less. The only glitch with the event was that she arrived an hour late (African time), and we had to wait outside in the scorching sun. Continue reading “I met Toke Makinwa- and she had a lot to say”

How to feel like a 100!

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Hey guys! This time last week, I wrote about surviving finals weeks, and now, I have one more final left and I’m just too happy right now. After such a hectic week, I came home last night, ready to relieve myself of the week’s stress. I thought to share with you guys what i usually do to ‘de-stress’ and feel like a 100 after  a tiring week. Hope this helps someone today.

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First thing I do when I get back in the evening, is take off my tight clothes, put on something comfortable, like the robe in this picture (this robe has been my favourite thing ever since I got it for black Friday, and it’s from Victoria secret). Then, I go brush my teeth, wash my face, and put on a nice face mask.

Continue reading “How to feel like a 100!”

Birthday diaries


Hey guys! Welcome to Hazy Fantasies. I really appreciate you taking your time to check out my blog. My 18th birthday was this past Saturday, and for this, my girlfriends and I had a photoshoot! Although everything seems perfect in this picture, it was a struggle making this shoot come to life, but I am happy with how it all turned out #findthegood. I also want to give a huge shout out to all my amazing friends! I don’t know what I would do without you guys.

This post is all pictures, so relax and enjoy the view. All the pictures were taken by my friend, Laolu (his Instagram is Laoluade) Continue reading “Birthday diaries”

On Becoming- Woman of the year


Toksstar, as we call her, recently launched her book, “On Becoming!” My baby girl did it (see how I’m acting like I know her personally), but on a serious note, Toke Makinwa is a star! She is the true definition of ‘turning lemons into lemonades’. Although, her story is a sad one, it teaches that there is nothing one cannot overcome. There is absolutely no situation that is too painful to overcome.

If you are not Nigerian, you probably don’t know who Toke Makinwa is, so I’ll give you a brief story of her life as I know it. Toke is a Nigerian radio presenter, youtube guru (search for Toke Makinwa), and a television host. I never heard of her till August 2015, when my friend introduced her to me, and told me the story of her marriage scandal which occurred in June 2015. It was rumored that Toke’s husband got his ex- girlfriend pregnant while married to her. Even though this scandal was the talk of the town for such a long period, guess what? She never said a word about it. Continue reading “On Becoming- Woman of the year”