On Becoming- Woman of the year


Toksstar, as we call her, recently launched her book, “On Becoming!” My baby girl did it (see how I’m acting like I know her personally), but on a serious note, Toke Makinwa is a star! She is the true definition of ‘turning lemons into lemonades’. Although, her story is a sad one, it teaches that there is nothing one cannot overcome. There is absolutely no situation that is too painful to overcome.

If you are not Nigerian, you probably don’t know who Toke Makinwa is, so I’ll give you a brief story of her life as I know it. Toke is a Nigerian radio presenter, youtube guru (search for Toke Makinwa), and a television host. I never heard of her till August 2015, when my friend introduced her to me, and told me the story of her marriage scandal which occurred in June 2015. It was rumored that Toke’s husband got his ex- girlfriend pregnant while married to her. Even though this scandal was the talk of the town for such a long period, guess what? She never said a word about it. Continue reading “On Becoming- Woman of the year”