On Becoming- Woman of the year


Toksstar, as we call her, recently launched her book, “On Becoming!” My baby girl did it (see how I’m acting like I know her personally), but on a serious note, Toke Makinwa is a star! She is the true definition of ‘turning lemons into lemonades’. Although, her story is a sad one, it teaches that there is nothing one cannot overcome. There is absolutely no situation that is too painful to overcome.

If you are not Nigerian, you probably don’t know who Toke Makinwa is, so I’ll give you a brief story of her life as I know it. Toke is a Nigerian radio presenter, youtube guru (search for Toke Makinwa), and a television host. I never heard of her till August 2015, when my friend introduced her to me, and told me the story of her marriage scandal which occurred in June 2015. It was rumored that Toke’s husband got his ex- girlfriend pregnant while married to her. Even though this scandal was the talk of the town for such a long period, guess what? She never said a word about it.


Alas, this past week, she launched her memoir. Everything in the book was detailed! From the painful death of her parents, to the hurtful relationship with her ex-husband. Her story reminded me that people do not look like what they’ve been through. If we did, I don’t want to imagine what we would look like.  You know when you see people on Instagram and think they are goals, that’s what I thought Toke was (just a slay queen) until I read the book and couldn’t stop reading. She struggled in her closet and did not let her vulnerability show on the surface. When she finally did, she turned it into success. Her book launch has been very successful, she has gathered even more fame than she did before her struggle. True definition of a smart money woman.

If you read the book, which you should, you’ll learn about her personal life. I don’t want to summarize because it won’t be as personal as the book made me feel. I was in shock while reading, like how can one woman stay in such a hurtful relationship for 12 years. I’ve always been to think there is something wrong with women who stay, but now I conclude that there is something about love that make people act fools. Toke’s story is the reality of a lot of women and young girls today and it is a painful one.

I’ll leave you on this note, ‘your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see or respect it’. Also, please stop judging people guys! You do not know what they’re going through or have any idea how they feel. Deal with your own issues and stop trying to criticize everyone when you don’t know how you’ll act if you were in their shoes.

Over to you, have you read the book? If so, what are your thoughts? I know some of my friends think the writing isn’t that great. Some also think that she should have put more emphasis on how she excelled in her career. Do you agree?

Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend guys!

4 thoughts on “On Becoming- Woman of the year

  1. I think the most devastating part of the book was how she lost her parents. I can’t imagine how painful that must have been.
    Her relationship with her husband however was clearly not going to work, she was too blinded to see it.


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