How to feel like a 100!

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Hey guys! This time last week, I wrote about surviving finals weeks, and now, I have one more final left and I’m just too happy right now. After such a hectic week, I came home last night, ready to relieve myself of the week’s stress. I thought to share with you guys what i usually do to ‘de-stress’ and feel like a 100 after  a tiring week. Hope this helps someone today.

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First thing I do when I get back in the evening, is take off my tight clothes, put on something comfortable, like the robe in this picture (this robe has been my favourite thing ever since I got it for black Friday, and it’s from Victoria secret). Then, I go brush my teeth, wash my face, and put on a nice face mask.

Ignore my edges in this picture, yeah? Ain’t nobody got time to lay edges on friday night when they’re not going out.


This is the mask I have on in this picture. It is a peel off mask, and it’s my first time using it. I’ll write a review on it, when I’ve used it for a while.

Next up, is steam my face with the mask on. I coudn’t get a good shot of me steaming my face, so I stole a picture off the Internet.


After steaming my face, and unclogging those pores, I already feel ten times better than I was feeling during the day. Then it’s time for a nice shower, to take off the dirtiness of the week. I save this routine mostly for Friday nights, when I have the time and patience. In the shower, I’ll usually have music playing, shave and scrub my feet.

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After taking a shower and dressing up, I head over to my not so fancy living room (I promise I’ll decorate when I move off campus). This is basically the best part of the night for me. I make myself a cup of tea, because how can you de-stress without tea?

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Whenever I don’t feel like tea, I’ll just spoil myself with a bowl of ice cream. You can add food to the menu if you want to! I just never want to eat too late at night, except on special occasions, you know.

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And if you’re wondering what I do in the living room, the answer is I watch a movie or catch up on my TV shows! I’m caught up on all my shows for now, which is why I am about to start this new show. Have you guys seen ‘This is us’, or would you like to start it with me?

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Thanks again for sticking around for another post! Hope you’re all doing good? If not, I hope you find this post useful for de-stressing. Love ya!

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