The Africa they don’t show you series (Owambe edition)


Hi everyone! Welcome to Hazy fantasies, thanks for stopping by! Today, I’m starting something new. As the countdown to 2017 begins, I would like all of us, who are global citizens of the world, to walk into the new year less ignorant about the diverse world we share. This post is not to make anyone feel bad I promise. I’ve been studying in America for a while, and I’ve heard some really ignorant comments about Africa (So you guys wear clothes? Do you like live in huts and stuff?). These are comments that have been inspired by the overly bias media, I understand, but the world is becoming too global for anyone to be ignorant about other places around the world. To address this issue, I decided to write a couple of posts showing you the beautiful continent, where I’m from.

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Although, many countries in Africa are going through economic and socioeconomic meltdowns, my country, Nigeria being one of them. It might be easy to think that this means zero partying in the country,  but you couldn’t be more wrong. In Nigeria especially, there are parties everyday, which we refer to as ‘Owambe’. Continue reading “The Africa they don’t show you series (Owambe edition)”