The Africa they don’t show you series (Owambe edition)


Hi everyone! Welcome to Hazy fantasies, thanks for stopping by! Today, I’m starting something new. As the countdown to 2017 begins, I would like all of us, who are global citizens of the world, to walk into the new year less ignorant about the diverse world we share. This post is not to make anyone feel bad I promise. I’ve been studying in America for a while, and I’ve heard some really ignorant comments about Africa (So you guys wear clothes? Do you like live in huts and stuff?). These are comments that have been inspired by the overly bias media, I understand, but the world is becoming too global for anyone to be ignorant about other places around the world. To address this issue, I decided to write a couple of posts showing you the beautiful continent, where I’m from.

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Although, many countries in Africa are going through economic and socioeconomic meltdowns, my country, Nigeria being one of them. It might be easy to think that this means zero partying in the country,  but you couldn’t be more wrong. In Nigeria especially, there are parties everyday, which we refer to as ‘Owambe’. These parties range from weddings, birthday parties, funerals (yes! funerals of old, accomplished people in my country are celebrations), and so on. These occasions are all glitz and glamour, with everyone competing to make their party the best (healthy competition mostly).

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These parties might be held at some of the most expensive event centres in the country. So, this answers the question of whether or not, we live in huts. Yes,they do in some villages, but there are cities that are as modern as can be.


If you haven’t been to a Nigerian party yet, you need to become friends with a Nigerian and plead with the person to take you to one. Let me tell you why, you can make money Nigerian parties!! I’m sure you’re wondering how. So all you have to do is, get on the dance floor when it is time to turn up, and dance dance dance! You’ll be showered with money if you get the attention of the Daddies and Mommies in the crowd. When this happens, you need to find me and give me my share too ;).

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Just yesterday, my friends and I took to a wedding. Look at them clothed expensively, in their fine Naija (Nigeria for short) lace fabrics, gele (head tie), and accessories.

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Also, did you know that we have some of the finest looking women in Africa? 😉

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To address the question, “Do you all wear clothes in Africa?” I hope this shows you that we do! And we slay in them too. We wear both traditional and modern attires, depends on our mood and the occasion.

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Last point I’ll make today is Nigerians can shut it down! From having the baddest musicians perform at their parties, to serving unlimited delicious food, exotic wine,  showing off complicated dance moves. I can proudly say that, Nigerians, in fact, Africans are the best of the best! I hope the media starts to acknowledge this soon.

Thanks for reading guys! Now back to you, did you enjoy reading this, and would you like me to continue the series?  Also, if you’re from another African country, share with us what some of your parties entail. Now if you are not African, I hope you enjoyed reading this, and are enlightened. Comment below where you’re from, let’s get to know each other.

Ready for the New Year? Can’t wait to see what God has in store for us all in 2017!

5 thoughts on “The Africa they don’t show you series (Owambe edition)

  1. Nice one! I’ve heard so many comments about African country and can someone please tell these ignorant white folks that Africa isn’t a country but a continent. I’m Nigerian and I live in Nigeria, I’m not from Africa. Although because of Africa Magic some folks think we’re all rich. Please oyinbo people do your research well. BTW I love this piece.


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