Let’s chat- The year of Realization

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Hi everyone! It’s the 31st of December 2016, and I’m still in shock at how quickly this year has gone by. I know a lot of you are too. I was scrolling through twitter yesterday, and a lot of tweets were bordered around making plans for the new year. Many people didn’t appreciate 2016 for different reasons, which I can understand. The thing is, you can’t have highs in life, without going through the lows. Being happy and being sad complement each other in this human race.

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So while we are happy for the New Year, dreaming of all the great things 2017 is going to bring to us, let us not forget the blessings 2016 came with.
For me, 2016 is a year I will never forget. It is the year I became. It is the year I discovered myself big time, both the good and bad in me. It’s the year I decided to embrace the good and bad, while trying to work on the bad. All these happened because of the biggest moment of my life so far, which was getting baptized in February 2016.

Accepting that my life isn’t my own, and always seeking my Daddy in heaven before making decisions (still working on this) was life changing.
So for me, 2016 wasn’t perfect, not even close, but no year ever is. Perfection is over reaching, but it was still such a beautiful year and one that strengthened me.

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Over to you guys, I know you’re all excited for New Years right? I am too, but would you like to share what your biggest moment in 2016 was or what your best memory of 2016 is. Happy New Years Eve guys! I wish you all the very best in 2017!


2 thoughts on “Let’s chat- The year of Realization

  1. Hi Oyin,
    I think people are talking so much about 2017 and making plans around it is because 2016 was really not enough to finish what a lot of us started. Happy new year! I pray God takes charge of the new year and our lives.


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