Three ways to double your hustle


Hi everyone! Welcome, welcome back to Hazy Fantasies. I hope you’re all having a relaxing Saturday, I definitely am. It feels so good to wake up at 12pm, and then sleep some more. The inspiration for today’s post came from working with some vendors, and sometimes observing. I’ve had the worst luck with photographers so far, I really don’t know why, please pray that my experience with them gets better. From bailing on me on the day of a shoot, to me chasing them or being ignored sometimes, I’ve seen it all. In my mind, this makes zero sense because if someone is going to pay you for your services, you should be chasing after them, not the other way around. So, in today’s post, I’m sharing some tips on how to make your hustle better this year, from my experience. Continue reading “Three ways to double your hustle”

The Africa they don’t show you finale… and giveaway (Closed)



Hey Everyone! This is an exciting post for me, I have been waiting to put up this post for weeks now, and I’m glad it’s finally here.This is the ‘Africa they don’t show you’ series finale. It’s been an amazing series, and I hope you enjoyed reading these posts as much as I loved working on them. If you missed previous posts, catch up here, and here.

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Review of mascara samples- High end


Happy mid week everyone! No major introduction needed today, I’ll get right into it. I’ll be reviewing three mascara samples I got from Sephora two months ago. I used them over the holidays, so I have in depth knowledge of how they work and maybe I’ll help you in choosing a new mascara. Shoutout to Rachael and her fingers for these bomb pictures. Continue reading “Review of mascara samples- High end”

Darling, It’s okay to be different

Hi guys! Welcome back to Hazy Fantasies, I hope you’re not tired of me yet. I have no idea where I’m going with this post today, but I’m hoping it comes together in the end. After having an enlightening discussion with my family last night, I became restless. The discussion we had was about various vices in the world today, especially among youths. The world has evolved too much, and a lot of things that are not normal have become the norm.

This got me thinking, ‘is it possible to remain different?’ It definitely requires a lot more effort and self awareness to remain morally upright in this world. I’m sure a lot of you know what I’m talking about, you’ve struggled, or are struggling with it. There is an idea or a belief that you hold on to, that most disagree with. Some people have given you various reasons why you should let go of your belief. Even the ones that believe you , but have  indulged in the wrong thing, try to entice you to let go. God acknowledges this, and says”My son, do not walk in the way with them; hold back your foot from their paths” (Proverbs 1:15). Continue reading “Darling, It’s okay to be different”


Hey guys! Welcome to Hazy Fantasies, thanks for stopping by. You might not know it, but this post is long overdue. Between changing time zones the past two days, I was too exhausted to write. On today’s episode of the ‘Africa they don’t show you’ from the Nigerian perspective, we’ll be talking media. The Nigerian entertainment industry has been on the fast lane recently. Lots of fresh musicians, actors, television stations, and online platforms have emerged. Gone are the days of being just locally known, the industry has gone global. Music artists feature and have been featured by international artists, movie premieres now happen both home and abroad, movies contain local and international scenes. I could not be more proud of my country.


Recently, Nollywood (the Nigerian movie industry) was announced the third largest movie industry in the world. Who would have thought? But, I know this is only the beginning of upcoming breakthroughs. In today’s post, I’m mentioning different platforms where you can have a taste of what the Nigerian media has to offer. Go watch and have a Nigerian themed weekend!

  1. Netflix: First time I saw a Nigerian movie being streamed on Netflix, I screamed… literally. It was such a joy to see Nollywood get the attention it deserves. These are my favourite Nigerian movies on the platform.


The Africa they don’t show you- The Hustle

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Hi beautiful people! Happy New Year, I’m so glad you all made it to 2017. Hope you guys are planning great things this year because, we are just too special to be ordinary. I have been telling myself this all week. Today, I’m back  with the continuation of ‘The Africa they don’t show you series’. If you missed the first post, you missed a lot, so catch up here. This post is about the ‘Hustle’ in Africans. I wish I could talk about all African countries in my posts, but since I haven’t travelled to any other country (that will change soon), I can only write from the Nigerian perspective. Feel free to enlighten us in the comment section below, about the hustle spirit in your country, if you’re from another African country. Continue reading “The Africa they don’t show you- The Hustle”