The Africa they don’t show you- The Hustle

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Hi beautiful people! Happy New Year, I’m so glad you all made it to 2017. Hope you guys are planning great things this year because, we are just too special to be ordinary. I have been telling myself this all week. Today, I’m back  with the continuation of ‘The Africa they don’t show you series’. If you missed the first post, you missed a lot, so catch up here. This post is about the ‘Hustle’ in Africans. I wish I could talk about all African countries in my posts, but since I haven’t travelled to any other country (that will change soon), I can only write from the Nigerian perspective. Feel free to enlighten us in the comment section below, about the hustle spirit in your country, if you’re from another African country. Continue reading “The Africa they don’t show you- The Hustle”