The Africa they don’t show you- The Hustle

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Hi beautiful people! Happy New Year, I’m so glad you all made it to 2017. Hope you guys are planning great things this year because, we are just too special to be ordinary. I have been telling myself this all week. Today, I’m back  with the continuation of ‘The Africa they don’t show you series’. If you missed the first post, you missed a lot, so catch up here. This post is about the ‘Hustle’ in Africans. I wish I could talk about all African countries in my posts, but since I haven’t travelled to any other country (that will change soon), I can only write from the Nigerian perspective. Feel free to enlighten us in the comment section below, about the hustle spirit in your country, if you’re from another African country.

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You see, Nigerians are always on the move, they are natural entrepreneurs, as I like to say. Also, I think the state of the country has led them to be more motivated to succeed. Of course, there are still lazy people in the country,  but there are more hardworking people. Since I returned home, I have seen a lot of hustling. Scratch that, the hustling has always existed, I just paid more attention to it now.

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Nigerians won’t wait for jobs to be created for them, instead, they’ll wield out jobs for themselves. From hawking on the road, to selling on the roadside (both food and commodities), I have seen the most. The hawkers even chase you down while you’re in a car to sell to you. Last week, I saw a man selling live turkeys and chickens on the road! I have seen hawkers with puppies, mobile swimming pools, mirrors, and even televisions!!! At this rate, I don’t think I can be surprised anymore, I wish I had pictures to share of these funny sights.

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The seller in the above picture has a store in the market, but what does she decide to do? She decides to walk around in  the scorching sun to scout for customers personally. What the media will not show you is that these people sometimes have fun doing what they do. They even make you, the customers laugh. As I always say, Africans are the funniest people I know.

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You see this house, the rare thing about it is, if you look closely, there is a supermarket inside the house! You’ll ask yourselves, who thinks of this? Well the answer is, people who are determined to make ends meet, even when all political and economic odds are against them.

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A shoemaker going about his work…. Hustle, hustle, hustle

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Random picture of roadside sellers. I really hope you liked reading this post, don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe and share. Have a great 2017!

5 thoughts on “The Africa they don’t show you- The Hustle

  1. The hustle in Nigeria is actually very real, the situation of the country does not even accomodate waiting for jobs. It’s the reason a lot if youths start businesses while they are still in school.

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