Hey guys! Welcome to Hazy Fantasies, thanks for stopping by. You might not know it, but this post is long overdue. Between changing time zones the past two days, I was too exhausted to write. On today’s episode of the ‘Africa they don’t show you’ from the Nigerian perspective, we’ll be talking media. The Nigerian entertainment industry has been on the fast lane recently. Lots of fresh musicians, actors, television stations, and online platforms have emerged. Gone are the days of being just locally known, the industry has gone global. Music artists feature and have been featured by international artists, movie premieres now happen both home and abroad, movies contain local and international scenes. I could not be more proud of my country.


Recently, Nollywood (the Nigerian movie industry) was announced the third largest movie industry in the world. Who would have thought? But, I know this is only the beginning of upcoming breakthroughs. In today’s post, I’m mentioning different platforms where you can have a taste of what the Nigerian media has to offer. Go watch and have a Nigerian themed weekend!

  1. Netflix: First time I saw a Nigerian movie being streamed on Netflix, I screamed… literally. It was such a joy to see Nollywood get the attention it deserves. These are my favourite Nigerian movies on the platform.

2. Irokotv: This is a subscription based platform like Neflix, but for Nigerian movies. Subscription is as low as $15 a year! Some movies and shows I watch over and over on the platform are:

3. Ibakatv: This is very much like Irokotv, but I personally think Ibakatv has better and more current movies. I have watched too many movies on this platform, but these 3 remain my top:

4. YouTube: It’s no news that YouTube is one of the biggest platforms out there, so if you’re trying to learn more about Nigeria and its media, these are channels and shows you should be subscribed to, and watching.

5. is where I get all updates on the latest in Nigerian entertainment. In this post, I shared some of my jams.


6. I’m sure you all have heard of…..


This movie is still in cinemas in Nigeria, so it’s not out online yet, but if you get the chance to, you must watch this movie! I watched it last week, and it was beautiful! I am obsessed with the storyline, the cast, and everything in between.

That’s all guys! I hope you enjoyed this post. The next post this week will be the finale of the ‘Africa they don’t show you’ series, and I have something exciting planned, so watch this space! Have you guys watched any of these movies or shows. If you have, which ones are your best, if you haven’t, do you intend to? Also, comment below what country you’re from, let’s celebrate our diversity!

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  1. I’m picky when it comes to movies. I have seen most of them on the site but haven’t watched all. I love ndani Tv’s Skinny girl in transit so much. I never miss the weekly episodes. I’m Nigerian as well. I really want to see the wedding party but guess I have to wait until it’s released online, who knows when that will be, maybe after a year!! I love ebonyLife too, SpiceTVAfrica on Youtube and most especially Pulse TV, lol.
    Looking forward to that exciting finale Lola. xx


  2. I really didn’t know Ibaka tv was really good, seen it in the App Store but I just by pass, I’ll definitely check it out.
    I could watch movies on you tube but data is a serious issue and only skinny girl in transit has won my heart like that.


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