Darling, It’s okay to be different

Hi guys! Welcome back to Hazy Fantasies, I hope you’re not tired of me yet. I have no idea where I’m going with this post today, but I’m hoping it comes together in the end. After having an enlightening discussion with my family last night, I became restless. The discussion we had was about various vices in the world today, especially among youths. The world has evolved too much, and a lot of things that are not normal have become the norm.

This got me thinking, ‘is it possible to remain different?’ It definitely requires a lot more effort and self awareness to remain morally upright in this world. I’m sure a lot of you know what I’m talking about, you’ve struggled, or are struggling with it. There is an idea or a belief that you hold on to, that most disagree with. Some people have given you various reasons why you should let go of your belief. Even the ones that believe you , but have  indulged in the wrong thing, try to entice you to let go. God acknowledges this, and says”My son, do not walk in the way with them; hold back your foot from their paths” (Proverbs 1:15). One thing I’ll never understand is why people judge others for doing the right things (they’ll say you’re too holy), even if those doing the right things don’t judge them. If you understand why, please leave a comment explaining? Is it because they crave security in their insecurity?

As for me, I acknowledge that I’m different, so are a lot of you reading this, even if you try to hide it. I might not indulge some things that those around me indulge, and I’ve realised that it’s okay. There is actually so much joy that comes with doing you, you’ll look around one day, and thank God for the rare gem that you are. One thing I tell myself is, I will be summoned because I am doing what no else is doing. No one will ask you what you’re doing differently, if they’re not surprised by your lifestyle. Break every expectation and keep them wondering.The same people who have tried to break you, will be the ones complimenting you and asking you how you do it. They might not even tell you directly, but I hope you know that people are always watching your actions. More attention is placed on what you do, rather than what you say.

I really  don’t know if all this makes sense, but I sure hope I got my message across, which is, ‘IT IS OKAY TO BE DIFFERENT’ (yep, I’m shouting). The world will make you think it is not, but they’ll envy you in secret. You don’t have to conform to what everyone is doing, or what their expectations for you are. Break their exceptions, be it academically, spiritually, morally. Love you all, and have a beautiful week.


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