The Africa they don’t show you finale… and giveaway (Closed)



Hey Everyone! This is an exciting post for me, I have been waiting to put up this post for weeks now, and I’m glad it’s finally here.This is the ‘Africa they don’t show you’ series finale. It’s been an amazing series, and I hope you enjoyed reading these posts as much as I loved working on them. If you missed previous posts, catch up here, and here.


I think when some foreigners think about Africa, they imagine a grassland, safari, or dessert, occupied by wild humans and animals. I’m here to put out a disclaimer that this image of Africa is wrong. Africa is a beautiful, rich continent that consists of 54 countries. It is the second largest and most populous continent, filled with gorgeous people, places, experiences and most importantly, various rich cultures.


To show you just how beautiful the African continent is, I decided to have a shoot at one of my favourite locations in my country, Nigeria. I took to the beach (yes, African countries have beaches, as well as other attractions), with fellow blogger, Fola of Thoughts of Fola.


There is something exciting about the beach to me, the noisy waves, the vastness of the ocean that makes my worries feel smaller, the smell of yummy suya being made (Nigerians you feel me?). Also, I love that there are horses present in Nigerian beaches. Horse riding was a hobby of mine when I was younger, and I was looking forward to riding a horse at the beach again (hadn’t done it in years).


Do you guys enjoy the beach? What’s your favourite spot in your country? Did you enjoy this post? Let’s chat in the comment section. With that, I have been able to convince and not confuse you that there is a beautiful side of Africa that the media tries to conceal, but won’t succeed in doing.


And what’s a better way to conclude this series, than having a giveaway. Today, I’ll be giving away this lovely African design necklace from Perade (my go to store for African clothing and accessorises)!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

All you have to do to qualify for the giveaway is follow Perade and I on Instagram, then tag 3 friends in my recent Instagram pictures to read the post! Hopefully, you win this lovely necklace. The giveaway ends on Friday.


Thanks again for stopping by, have a great week my loves!

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