Best African Female Artist!

It’s been a while, and I missed you guys a lot. I just needed to take a break to focus on midterms, papers, and work on me, so me can better for you. Did you guys even notice I was gone? I’ll take it personally if you didn’t oooo. Any-hoo, I decided to come back with something light before we delve into the deep stuff (I know that’s what you guys enjoy). I have so much to gist you about the amazing Christian conference I attended last weekend, but that’s for later. I wrote a little bit about it in this  POST.yemi-alade

Tell me how I never paid attention to Yemi Alade, I mean I knew she had been in the music industry for a while, and I admired her style, but I never really cared for her music. I only ever liked this romantic song from her, Kissing (video below).  That is all in the past now, as I have decided that Yemi Alade is truly a King of Queens!!!! I mean this lady exudes beauty, style, confidence, talent and culture.I watched all her music videos on Friday, and noticed that each one had a beautiful story line, and her outfits made me appreciate my culture more.

To me, Yemi Alade is a star, and if you don’t agree with me, let me know why. I know a lot of people criticize her lyrics, but can we all agree that most of the Nigerian audience focus on the beat of a song, and not the lyrics (I’m different though). Apart from that, I love how she emphasizes the beauty of Africa and its people in her music through places,fashion, hairstyles, and languages. She is also versatile, and has collaborated with different international artists, bringing Africa to the world. So, I bring you my favorite music videos of Yemi, hope you enjoy.

This girl got vocals, and she flaunts them in this song with South African band, Mi Casa. Continue reading “Best African Female Artist!”

Plan your perfect date

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Happy Sunday everyone! Oh, and happy almost valentine my loves. It’s the season for love, and almost every post and video out there is describing the perfect gift, date and bae. Sorry to disappoint you, but today, I’m taking a different approach to this. Have you guys ever thought about your relationship with God as a huge commitment? I mean do you ever sit down and reflect on how your relationship with God is, like you would analyze your relationship with your family, friends or significant other. I have learnt to do this every time, realizing that my walk with God is a constant and conscious journey helps me not to get lazy and take it for granted. When I live my days forgetting this, nothing seems right, my heart weighs heavy, and I feel like I’m fighting with my partner. This is probably because I’m not connected with my most significant partner, so I feel guilty and tired. Continue reading “Plan your perfect date”

Style Inspiration for Valentine’s Day- featuring A dose of fab

Hi guys! I know you’re probably thinking, ‘why is this talkative posting again?’, but this one is to your advantage, especially the lovebirds. As you know, love is in the air, and valentine’s day is exactly one week away. I wasn’t inspired to style an outfit for the day, mostly because I never do anything , it’s just a regular day for me. However, I couldn’t help but fall in love with this outfit I saw Zaria of (, wear in her latest post.


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Let’s Chat- Growing up was hard

Hi guys! How you doing? We’ve been a little serious on here for a while, and I thought to switch it up.  I hope the title of this post didn’t scare you, it’s very ironic because this post is far from terrifying. Growing up was hard, and I mean that in the best way. I’m sure you all remember being pissed off at your parents almost everyday, wishing you were older and weren’t forced to live with them. Well, that was me, but now I’ve realized that adulting (made up word) isn’t a bed of roses. This leads me into occasional reminiscing of childhood memories that seem funny now, but they weren’t back then. For fun,  I dug up some funny memes on my phone, twitter and off the net.

Off the top of my head, I’m going to share one of my childhood memories. I hope you guys join in. What annoying habits did your parents possess that pissed you off so much? Let’s have a laugh. Continue reading “Let’s Chat- Growing up was hard”