Let’s Chat- Growing up was hard

Hi guys! How you doing? We’ve been a little serious on here for a while, and I thought to switch it up.  I hope the title of this post didn’t scare you, it’s very ironic because this post is far from terrifying. Growing up was hard, and I mean that in the best way. I’m sure you all remember being pissed off at your parents almost everyday, wishing you were older and weren’t forced to live with them. Well, that was me, but now I’ve realized that adulting (made up word) isn’t a bed of roses. This leads me into occasional reminiscing of childhood memories that seem funny now, but they weren’t back then. For fun,  I dug up some funny memes on my phone, twitter and off the net.

Off the top of my head, I’m going to share one of my childhood memories. I hope you guys join in. What annoying habits did your parents possess that pissed you off so much? Let’s have a laugh.

Nigerian parents can be a handful, but you have to love them in spite of their overly dramatic behaviors. For my 13th birthday, my mom willing bought me a BlackBerry (you guys remember Blackberries were the ish back then). I won’t lie, I was a little obsessed with my new phone, but I didn’t think having a phone made me rude or lazy. Fast forward 3 months, a guest speaker was invited to my church to talk about social media and technology vices, both the teens and parents at church were present. At the end of his talk, the speaker opened the floor for parents to share their personal experiences with technology obsessed teenagers . Imagine how shocked I was when I saw my mom walking up to the stage to complain. Keep in mind that my friends were in church too, and they kept looking in my direction, as if asking for an explanation. I just sat there confused, waiting for an explanation myself, like what did I do to this woman now? Can you guys believe my mom basically told the entire congregation that ever since I got my blackberry, I became the world’s worst teenager. She said she was stuck deciding between seizing my phone or letting me keep it. I was so mad that I made the decision for her, by handing her the phone when we got home #mostembarrasingmoment. Thankfully, we got past that and I got my phone back. Talk about drama!

Well, this concludes this post, thanks for always stopping by, you know you’re appreciated. Don’t leave without sharing a memory in the comment section,or simply reminding yourself of the good ol’ times.



I totally relate with the sneaking out meme #kolewerk.


p.s this is my mother’s favorite sentence, do your moms say it too?

5 thoughts on “Let’s Chat- Growing up was hard

  1. 😂😂😂the last picture though. Everything is so true. I hated them for always scolding me and shouting at every little thing. Especially when they point to something; I mean what? I can’t see it! Another trouble again😅 it never ends


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