Plan your perfect date

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( for these beautiful bags.

Happy Sunday everyone! Oh, and happy almost valentine my loves. It’s the season for love, and almost every post and video out there is describing the perfect gift, date and bae. Sorry to disappoint you, but today, I’m taking a different approach to this. Have you guys ever thought about your relationship with God as a huge commitment? I mean do you ever sit down and reflect on how your relationship with God is, like you would analyze your relationship with your family, friends or significant other. I have learnt to do this every time, realizing that my walk with God is a constant and conscious journey helps me not to get lazy and take it for granted. When I live my days forgetting this, nothing seems right, my heart weighs heavy, and I feel like I’m fighting with my partner. This is probably because I’m not connected with my most significant partner, so I feel guilty and tired.

This is why I always try to make my relationship with God special and spontaneous. Whenever i realize that I’m getting lazy and withdrawing from his presence, I feel the need to create the spark between him and I. Yup, God and I have a special chemistry that needs to be rekindled, just like a relationship with your boyfriend. Imagine doing the same things with your boo every day, you are bound to get bored. This is exactly what we need to understand as Christians.

We need to chase God, desire him, make him feel special just as he makes us feel. You need to be passionate in seeking him, this could be by reading his word, not the lazy kind of reading, but  by actual meditating on his word for hours. Pray to him for long periods without distractions, talk to him about everything on your mind for several minutes just like you would with your bae. Find friends who love him as much as you do and talk about him, sing praises to him joyfully (this feels so good). These are all dates, you can make these times feel even more special if you want. Light candles and be romantic with your maker.

Another major date you can plan with your boo in heaven is to attend christian conferences, workshops either alone or planned by your church or school. I attended the ENC Conference last year, and it is one of the best experiences of my life so far. Seeing youths who love and worship God as much as I do made me realize that I’m really not weird for loving God like I do.

ENC is having another major conference from February 24th to 25th in different locations , check here to see if there is a location near you . If you’re on the East Coast, especially in Philly, you can message me if you’re interested in going, it is really an amazing opportunity. The video below contains highlights from last year’s conference, too good I tell you. You really have to be spontaneous with your relationship with God so you don’t get bored, and give room for satan to come into your heart to make you cheat.

If you’re a student in Philadelphia, hoping to come for this conference but you have no funds for it, this is where I come in. All you need to do is leave a comment down below, or message me on any of my social media (they are on the buttons to your right) telling me why you want to come for the conference. I’m open to sponsoring the hotel costs of one person who really want to go but can’t afford it. I’m looking forward to seeing you guys at this conference, it changed my life last year, and I can’t wait to see whose blessings are unfolded this year. You can register here, this year’s theme is #Unashamed!

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Once again, I hope this post makes sense to you guys. If you take anything away from today’s post, I want it to be you planning your perfect date with God. If you have any ideas what you’re going to do, share below, maybe you’ll inspire us. Have a beautiful Valentines’ day!




15 thoughts on “Plan your perfect date

  1. Love this post and i completely agree we have to be intentional about chasing and desiring God. Your outfit is gorgeous and I’m loving the print bags 😍😍😍😍.
    Thank you for sharing this 🙏🏾


  2. I love your print bags. Your posts are so on point, I read about 3 and decided to comment on this. I’m a new blogger and people like you are so much inspiration. My address is

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