How to be Anti-Acne 101

Gather round girls, it’s time for the truth. I know we all want flawless faces, you know the Instagram type of face, with no blackheads, acne, and even scarring. We’ve all watched gazillion youtube videos titled ‘5 ways to get rid of Acne, blah blah…’. I was a victim of this for such a long time, I became a product junkie, buying everything my favorite Youtubers recommended. Some worked, others did not. Some worked for weeks, then they stopped. During this naive period , I realized some truths that I’m sharing today. Basically what beauty gurus won’t tell you.


  1. Some beauty gurus mention this, but not all. The truth of the matter is not all products work for everyone. Even if you are learning from someone who has dry skin like yours, you’re still different. You don’t live in the same climate condition or have similar diet, so what works for them might not work for you. Everyone has to develop their own skin regimen. You will try different products, become frustrated listening to  over 50 recommendations, but you will find what works for you in the end and you will be happy.


2. You will break out: We are hormone producing humans! We go through stress, eat junk food, get lazy with our routine sometimes, there is bad weather too. These situations will likely cause you to break out, and it is okay, almost everyone breaks out (even the Youtubers), don’t beat yourself up about it. When you accept that breaking out is normal, you’ll be happy trust me.

3. Don’t make your skin the source of your happiness. Beauty fades away, your skin gets rough sometimes, and if you overthink and get depressed because of that, you will only be happy during the times when your skin is good. Whenever you notice the slightest imperfection, you start to worry and feel ugly. This should not be the case, you are beautiful either ways, imperfections are just part of the package.


These might be all my points for now, but I’m sure you guys have more to tell. What is your truth when it comes to your skin? Blackheads, Acne, Clear skin? Have you fallen victim of the ‘3 ways to get rid of..’ and did you come out of the stage? Let’s know below.

I you need recommendation on some facial cleansers, check out my review HERE and decide for yourself.

Wishing you all have a beautiful month, love you!

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