Let’s Chat- My husband must be rich


Welcome to another ‘Let’s chat’ series guys! Quick question: Do you watch BKChatLDN on youtube? If you do, and you’ve seen the latest episode, it was about the importance of stable finances in a relationship/marriage. We all know love is not enough to make relationships work, at least I hope you do. So, today I want to hear your opinions (both guys and girls). Ladies, would you marry a man who is not rich and doesn’t have the potential to be? Do your financial expectations differ with regards to the man’s age? Guys, would you marry a woman richer than you? Would you be comfortable not being the bread winner of your home?  Any unasked questions can be answered too, feel free to say whatever is on your mind.

Personally, I think it is surreal if a lady wants a twenty something year old man  to have his life together and be stinky rich. A guy at that age is still hustling and trying to make ends meet like just like you, except in cases where he comes from a wealthy background. Ambition and drive are the most important things are this stage. If he is someone who is working hard, knows what he wants and is going to get it, you are the one to decide if that’s good enough. It depends on both of you to define where your finances stand and if it works for both of you. You should communicate early. For example, let him know you want him to fund your lifestyle and his without any contributions from you. If you’re a guy, let her know from the beginning what your values are, are you comfortable with her making more money than you later in life? Don’t let everything come out when you’ve gone too deep, remember relationships are partnerships, they take work. No one should be a burden to the other person.

Watch the BKCHAT episode here, thanks for stopping by, love you!

5 thoughts on “Let’s Chat- My husband must be rich

  1. I definitely won’t marry a poor guy. If he isn’t as rich as he should be yet but there’s potential, fine. We need to be very comfortable at least. No one wants to suffer 😭


    1. Ashley what if your rich guy become poor later ( let just say GOD was testing him like JOB in the bible) will you now ditch the guy


  2. Well I can’t marry a guy that isn’t either on the same level as I am financially of above. If below then the margin has to be very very thin. Errm yeah I always say this if you’re dating your mate then he cannot be the dream boyfriend that’ll be lavishing money on you anyhow we are all still struggling however that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t treat you right and you definitely have to contribute he’s your partner not your parent


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