Shows you shouldn’t bother watching

Any friend of mine knows I like everything. Hence, why I spend a lot of time recommending good shows to you guys like in this POST . For me to say I hate or wouldn’t watch a show, that show must be really bad. The following shows have made it to my ‘don’t watch’ list and here’s why…..



The shows above are Nigerian shows on Iroko, and I have to say they’re both terrible. I might sound salty but that’s because I spent hours watching these shows, trying too hard to like them but it didn’t work out. They have horrible storylines and it is so hard trying to figure the stories out.They aren’t captivating at all and the bad acting will make you cringe. I usually overlook bad acting in Nollywood shows but these shows weren’t cutting it. I expected more because of the brilliant actors in the cast, but they didn’t do any justice. I’ll advise you guys not bother watching them. If you’ve seen any of these shows and liked it, please forgive me. Why do you like it? Maybe I’m missing something you’re not.

That’s all for shows I do not like, now back to shows I like, MTV Shuga is back! Yay, this is hands down one of my favourite shows. It is interesting and there are many lessons to learn. You all need to sit down now and watch the first episode of the new season is below.


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