Honest Review of the Vanity Planet Spa System

Three posts in four days, what???? I can’t believe I’m on a roll , can you? If you’re proud of me, let me know in the comment section.

Today, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the much talked about Vanity Planet skin spa system. If you’re on always Youtube and Instagram, you have probably heard every beauty guru mention this product in skin care videos. This is the reason why I purchased the kit for myself. I had such high hopes for it, so keep reading to find out if my expectations were met.


The skin spa system comes in a compact case which I appreciate, it makes it easy to store all 3 brush heads and handle. The kit contains one brush handle with 3 replaceable brush heads.


The first brush from the left is the daily cleansing brush. The second is the silicone brush which is meant to gently unclog pores, and the last brush is the exfoliating brush.

After using all brush heads for about one month, I decided that the cleansing and exfoliating brushes were too harsh for my skin. This is probably because I have really sensitive skin, I know people who have normal skin that use the brush heads and love them. If you have sensitive skin like me, you might find that the brush spins too quickly and that doesn’t’ suit your skin well.

vanity planet review

Even though two of the brush heads in the system didn’t work for me, I absolutely love the silicone brush head as it does exactly what it says. It gently cleanses my pores, and it is soft on my skin. I would re-purchase the entire system just for the silicone brush head. I recommend it for anyone.

That’s all for today people, thanks for stopping by. I hope this post was meaningful to you. If you would like to purchase the skin spa system for yourself, this is the link to purchase it for $39.99. Oh, and if you have the skin spa system, what do you think of it?

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