Updated Review of the Milk of Magnesia

Hi beautiful,

This is a concise post, mainly to update you on my thoughts about the use of Milk of Magnesia as a face primer. I remember raving about this product in my Must have makeup products, but my thoughts have changed since then. Don’t get me wrong, this product is still the best at masking oiliness and keeping your makeup on all day.  My biggest fear was that this would cause me to break out or have adverse effect on my skin like some reviews said, but this was not the case.


This is how the product looks when you first apply it to your face, it leaves a white cast that I let dry before applying foundation.


The only problem I have with the Milk of Magnesia is that I have to be careful with the amount I apply to my face. I once applied a generous amount, and I guess I got carried away because it was too much, and my face felt cakey and heavy the whole day. This probably means a little bit of the product goes a long way. I wanted to let you guys know in case anyone has had or is having the same complaint. Also, the product dries up a lot in the bottle, but I guess that’s because it was wintertime here. I’ll get another bottle during the summer, and let you know if the same thing happens.

If you’ve been using this product, let me know if you have had any of the problems I mentioned above, and I hope this helped you.

That’s all guys, thanks for stopping by beautiful, have a great day!

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