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Hello Beauties,

How you doing? It’s been on mind to write this post for the longest time, so glad I finally got around to it. This post is about a brand that crept into my life and amazed me some months ago. It’s drugstrore brand, Garnier. I don’t know how familiar most of you are with this brand, because I had no idea the brand even existed till December 2016, but I have been pleasantly surprised with most of the products I have purchased from the brand, and I decided to share with you guys, so here it goes..

garnier_skinactive_clean_plus_blackhead_eliminating_scrub_skin care_productshot

This Blackhead eliminating scrub was my first ever purchase from Garnier. I was skeptical about using this product after having my fair share of product fails, but to my surprise, the scrub works well. I’ve seen my skin become brighter, with less blackheads especially when I was consistently using it twice a week.


This  micellar cleanser is probably Garnier’s most popular skincare product, and it is no surprise that I love it. I use the cleanser as a makeup remover on days when I’m wearing light makeup or no makeup at all. Sometimes, I use it as a face cleanser in the mornings, and I feel fresh.

I have two moisturizers from the brand, and they are both good moisturizers. I don’t know if they are amazing when compared to other moisturizers since I haven’t used many in my life time, but I like that my face isn’t greasy after using them. I use the gel moisturizer mostly at night because it doesn’t have any SPF, and I combine it with the other during the day.


This is the only hair product I own from the brand, and it was because my roommate used it to condition my hair once, and I really liked it (there’ll be another post on how she specially used it). Although, this conditioner isn’t made for natural hair, I think it works fine and it contains Almond oil and Avocado which are great for hair conditioning.


This last product is my favorite product from the brand. I can’t begin to tell you how good these makeup wipes are, and some of my friends can attest to this fact. They are so plush, very moisturizing, and they sweep every ounce of makeup off the face without much effort. I’m almost tempted to skip washing my face after using them.


Now to my least favorite product, it is this. I decided to star away from my perfect makeup wipes and get another one (bad idea). These wipes aren’t as plush and moisturizing as the one above. They felt dry and didn’t remove my makeup that well. Definitely sticking to the one above from now on.

Other products I would love to try from the brand are; the charcoal cleanser and their moisture bomb sheet masks, I’ve heard good things about

That’s it guys, thank you for checking out this post, you already know I love and appreciate you. Have you tried any of the products above? If so, what are your thoughts? If not, did this post convince you to go try one or some?

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