The ‘Blahs’ – By Jess

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The Spring semester of 2016, was the “Semester of Worry.” I was worried about my finances, getting an on campus job, doing well in my classes, being able to take care of myself, and making lasting friendships. I was overwhelmed by anxiety and blinded by my problems that I always anticipated the worst outcome. But then in the summer of that year, I got a job, I didn’t have to retake any class, I was able to take care of myself, and I had a much better living condition. So I decided that the Fall was going to be the “Semester of Hope and Prayer.” When I was not praying and asking God to provide a way out, I was worrying about the gigantic wall that wasn’t budging. And so when the semester ended and I was neck deep in the same problem, I felt discouraged. I was offended at God; I questioned His power and might, and I doubted if He was for me. In the midst of all of this, God revealed His love to my heart, and that’s when I started to see the good that came out of the problems. However, between my time of discouragement, and finding God’s love, I had a case of the blahs.

What exactly are the blahs?

The blahs can’t be correctly defined as depression, because we are still able to function when we experience it. We don’t feel hopeless, but we  don’t feel like our usual good-to-go self. When we experience the blahs, our response stem from our emotions, and not from God’s word. We start to magnify the problems, instead of magnifying God in spite of the worries. About a week ago, Oyin talked about Anxiety. You can find that post here. When we are so worried about our situations, we tend to have blah moments. Those moments when we’re not completely hopeless about our circumstances, but we’re not hopeful either, because we know not what tomorrow holds. It’s like a “stuck in the middle” kind of feeling.

Have you ever had a blah moment or constantly experienced it?

Perhaps you prayed for a need to be met, and it was not, and now you’re more anxious or discouraged, and starting to have thoughts and ideas about why it’s probably never going to be alright, or why it’s not alright. The blah comes and it tells you that there’s no way out, because you’re alone in the situation, with no solution. But do you remember what Jesus promised? Well He said “…I am with you always, even unto the end of the world…” Matthew 28:20.

He’s the beacon of light in dark situations, and He has the solution.

Oh that’s easy for you to say, you don’t understand!

Yes, I may not understand how you feel during those blah moments, but I do know someone who does. Jesus. Paul tells us that “we don’t have a high priest who is out of touch with our reality. He’s been through weakness and testing, experienced it all …” Hebrews 4:15 MSG

There is no emotion that you’ve felt, are feeling, and will feel, that Jesus did not feel. So when the blah tells you no one understands, scream out loud: “Jesus does!”

Maybe you’re struggling to change a toxic habit, or achieve a certain goal. You put in so much effort, yet you fail all the time. The blah makes you feel incompetent by saying “You cannot do it.” However, in Philippians 4:13 we’re told that “ I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” So when you feel incompetent, don’t consider your strength, look to Jesus, because He has all the strength you need.

It could be that you are anxious about having no friends and worried about what people think of you. You get into the friendship market; you meet a few cool people, who never want to hang out with you or think ill of you. And their actions causes you to feel rejected. Then the blah comes and whispers “Nobody really wants you!” Maybe you’ve forgotten, but let me remind you. God said  “ … I have called you by your name. You are Mine …” Isaiah 43:1 When no one wants you, He wants you. God pursues you, and His thoughts of you are good.

When the blahs causes you to stay connected to those unhealthy emotions, and you feel sick in your soul, take tablets of  joy, peace, love, grace, patience, perseverance, et cetera, that Jesus offers. You don’t need a prescription; you won’t overdose, and it’s free!





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