Trusting God more| Practical Tips

Hey beautiful,

Welcome to another week, and thank you for stopping by the blog. Last week, Jess (our favorite guest blogger) and I  discussed the problem of Anxiety and those ‘Blah Moments‘ that we experience. Both topics resonated with me and prompted me to write this post.

I can’t speak for you, but as a Christian, my whole wiring is based on my belief in God and his purpose for me. My anxiety stems from not trusting God enough, and forgetting that he has all things figured out for me. This might be your reality too if you think deeply. Like me, you may want to trust God completely, and depend on him one hundred percent.

My former thought that anxiety cannot be cured has changed radically since my last post. I am now a firm believer that anxiety can be gone completely just like Joan said in response to me. I am experiencing for myself that it’s only a matter of trusting God and his purpose more. This happened through constant study of God’s word and conviction by the Holy Spirit.

The tips below are tips that are helping me build my trust in God. You might have heard them before and this is just a reminder. It is my hope that as you read on, you realize that faith and fear cannot coexist, faith must ultimately win.

Over to the tips;

Believe that you are right with God: A lot of times you think there is something you do that makes God pleased with you. Before you can trust God, you need to know that he is and has always been interested in you. When he sees you, he doesn’t see you as an unworthy sinner, instead, he sees you in the righteousness of Jesus, the child in whom he is well pleased (God is pleased with you!) Matthew 3:17. He loves you, and you did nothing to earn that love, so there is nothing you can do to un-earn the love. Accept that God loves you, is pleased with you, and you have been made right with him because Christ died for your sins. If you hold on to the devil’s lie that God is angry with you because of sin, you will let him win by not enjoying your father’s truth and grace which you need to trust him. Confess your sin and receive God’s forgiveness.

Know his promises: Have you read your bible lately? If you’ve done so, then you’ve seen or read the multiple things that God promises to his children. He blesses more than he punishes. If you don’t know his promises for you, then you have to turn to your bible and read. You will be overwhelmed with the amount of promises that God has designed for you purely out of his love. You have done nothing worthy, yet he blesses you. When you begin to read these promises and proclaim them over your life, fear will even be afraid to live in you because it knows it will be consumed over and over.

Read: Proverbs 16:20, Psalm 119:2

Make your requests known: This is merely another way of saying pray. Pray to God your father. He has such beautiful plans for you, and has made promises to you before you were born. He is the one who created you and knows what you want before you say it. All he wants is for you to strengthen your faith in him through prayers. Ask God for all things, cry to him if need be, just like you cajole your parents into buying you goodies. Only this time, ask on a larger scale because God is bigger, he rules the whole universe and he is your father. Think about it this way, if he wants to bless you with anything, what can stop him? So, ask away.

Listen to the Holy Sprit: The Holy Spirit is gifted to all those who are in Jesus Christ. God the Holy spirit lives in us, and if God is in us, he speaks in us and to us. Most times, we are too busy with our lives to acknowledge the fact that God is already in us, and will tell us exactly if our requests align with his purpose for us. We think we need to pray a certain way, or fast a certain way before God can come and reveal his plan to us, but he is already in us. He will speak audibly to you if you just ask him to and listen patiently. Isn’t that a beautiful thing?

Learn to accept his will: In the bible, Paul struggled with a weakness (we are not told what it was), that he pleaded with God three times to take away. Each time Paul prayed, God said to him “My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness” 1st Corinthians 12:9. Then, Paul rejoices and boasts in his weakness because through that, God is at work. God’s purpose for you might not be what you think you need, but remember, he knows you, and he has known you before you were formed (Jeremiah 1:50), so if he thinks what you’re asking for isn’t what you need, you should learn to accept that.

Listen to others testimonies: The last time I wrote this post, it was 11:59pm, and although I wanted to write, I needed more desire to keep going. I stopped writing and read some of my favorite blogs. As I kept going, I felt more inspired and went back to my writing. This can happen with your faith too, you might desire to have deeper trust in God, but you’re having difficulty achieving it. Sometimes it takes listening to what God has done in the lives of others to inspire yourself. Knowing that he will always work out his will, and seeing it manifest in the lives of people who are going through similar or different situations makes us have more faith that he will work out ours too according to his will.


That’s all I have guys, but I’m sure there are other things you do that help you trust God more, share everything below. Let’s advance Daddy’s kingdom by helping ourselves.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Most importantly, I pray that you apply these tips and that you trust God more.

p.s: I apologize for the wrong notification some of you might got about this post on Monday. The post was uploaded then, but the entire content was deleted upon publication and I still have no explanation for that, but it’s up now!

12 thoughts on “Trusting God more| Practical Tips

  1. This post was worth it in every sense. I’m currently at a point where I feel like I have to make extra effort for God to notice me and grant all of my request but after reading this post I can confidently say that I trust God to sort me out in his time. This was really soul lifting and it should be a food for though for everybody that would encounter this post. Godliness bless you real good and give you the strength to continually trust him. Thanks girl.

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