Your complete guide to a Skincare Routine- Morning and Evening

Hi beautiful,

I’m sure you missed the beauty posts, so I’m back with another one. I wanted this post to be perfect because skincare is dear to my heart. I watched a lot of skincare videos in the past and I was usually bombarded with a lot of information that I had no idea what I needed exactly for an everyday routine.

After much experimenting and creating a routine for myself, I am glad to let you in on my easy 2 step morning routine and 4 step night routine. I won’t be recommending specific products in this post because my skin is different from yours, but I’ll recommend you do your research and buy products that cater to your skin type. My skin is sensitive/acne-prone, so the products I use cater to this need.

Morning Routine:

1. Cleanse: In the morning, all the energy I can muster up for skincare goes into cleansing my face with a good facial wash. I don’t do anything extra, I just cleanse and dry my face. The cleanser I’m currently using is this Neutrogena bar soap for acne-prone skin. I mentioned the reasons why I love using bar soaps in a previous post.

6801330_600x6002. Moisturize: The last step in this simple routine is moisturizing my face. I go in with a moisturizer that contains SPF, to protect my face throughout the day. I currently moisturize with this non- greasy Garnier moisturizer.


Moving on to my Night Routine;

1. Remove: This is a very obvious step if you are wearing makeup that day, I don’t bother with this step when I don’t have makeup on. If I have light makeup on, I remove with the Garnier micellar cleansing water on a cotton pad. If I have heavier makeup on, I use 1 or 2 makeup wipes to get everything off.

2. Cleanse: After removing my makeup, I’ll go in with with a foaming cleanser and wash my face with a facial brush. On days when I’m not wearing makeup, this is usually my first step, and most times I won’t use the facial brush because my skin is super sensitive. I typically use the brush 2 or 3 times in a week for that extra cleanse.The cleanser I use is the Biore charcoal cleanser (it’s so bomb!). I pair it with the Vanity Planet Silicone brush, which is the only one I use from the set. I mention why in this post.

2269229vanity planet review

3. Tone: After cleansing, the next step is toning my face. This is probably the easiest process and my face feels vitalized after. I use a pore perfecting witch hazel toner and add a few drops of tea tree oil in it.


4. Moisturize: For this last step, I go in with a lightweight moisturizer (gel cream) because I don’t need SPF at night.


Then, I get my beauty sleep, which is the most important step of all!

That’s all from me today, thank you so much for reading this. I hope I didn’t confuse you, and you’ll know how to create a routine for yourself using this as a guideline. Share this post, and help someone else out.  Also, let me know what other steps you guys have in your skincare routine that I don’t incorporate.

Finally, I’m wishing you a beautiful day/night.



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