Hazy Fantasies is 1! A Year’s Recap of my Blogging Journey

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Eyyyyyyy heyyyyyy….. I’m super excited today, and I’m sure you can guess why. On the 29th of June 2016, I shared my very first blog post accidentally (story for another day). Fast forward to July 2017, and my baby is 1 (that’s right, this blog is my precious baby), and that’s why I wanted everything about this post/celebration to be perfect. First of all, I need to give a huge shout-out to you. Yes, you who is reading right now. I am so grateful to you for taking the time to read this post, I appreciate you. To all who have been reading this young blog since day 1, you are the real MVPs and I love you. You keep me going, and you are the reason why Hazy Fantasies is still alive today. I hope you feel very special.

If you asked me a year ago if I wanted to be a blogger, I probably wouldn’t have understood what you were asking me. I only discovered the blogging world in the summer of 2016, through Instagram and YouTube. I love reading and viewing cute photos, so it was no surprise that I got hooked on blogs. I started mine in June, and it’s been a journey ever since. Blogging is such an experience (a positive one). It’s been an amazing documentation of my growth as an individual and my struggles. I love connecting with people on here and building a community. I also love receiving insights and advice from my readers, I honestly apply your wise inputs in my life. Another major lesson I’ve learnt is, blogging is a preview of what real life would be like after university. Working on projects, researching, being disappointed by suppliers/clients, getting bored and finding inspiration, collaborations, networking are things I’ve dealt with and continue to deal with as a blogger.

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I threw myself into unknown waters when I started blogging. I learnt everything about WordPress and website development as I went (while watching a lot of YouTube and reading other blogs). It was very frustrating at first, but it became easier and so worth it. Just like everything in life, blogging comes with pros and cons (more pros for me). The paragraph above pretty much sums up my blogging highs, in addition to meeting up with Fola in Lagos for a photoshoot in December.

You see, in the blogging world, meeting up with your social media friends/role models is a pretty big deal. Speaking of Lagos, did you know I met Toke Makinwa and she told me some things you should know. Blogging also gives me a reason to cajole my friends to take pictures for me. I love taking pictures, and it would be annoying having no use for the loads of pictures I take. Instagram is not enough.

The most common blogging con for me is lack of inspiration or motivation to write. Sometimes, I want to write and other times, I don’t. Then I beat myself up for letting you down, which isn’t cute. However, I think I’ve learnt how to deal with this. On days when I feel like writing, I’ll force myself to store up about three posts for the dry days when I don’t. This way, there’s always a new post up when the time comes. Also, promoting the blog on social media can get tiring, but it is equally as important as putting up posts.


Going off of my blogging highs and lows, I’m making some blog improvements for your convenience and my productivity. Any corrections and criticisms are welcome and appreciated! Help me grow this ministry.

  • There’ll be new posts on the blog every Tuesday/Thursday consistently. There’ll also be jara (surprise) posts on special weekends when I feel extra inspired.
  • I found my blogging niche! I am a Christian Lifestyle and Beauty blogger. I can easily explain my blog to anyone now.
  • I created a Facebook page for the blog, some days ago. Do follow, I will update it soon and new posts will be posted on there, along with other blog related activities.
  • I’m going to create some hashtags for my posts, to broaden the blog’s audience and attract them the blog (promotion wahala (struggle)). Bloggers, any hashtag suggestions?
  • I’m on the lookout for an affordable portable camera (not really professional, but one that can give me quality shots). If you have suggestions please let me know.

This post would not be complete if I didn’t share my top posts with you. These are posts that people enjoyed reading and I loved creating. They are posts that may have been accompanied with tears and frustration but they are worthwhile. Some are posts that I can’t explain how they came together but I know I had the Holy Spirit backing me up. If you haven’t read them, I promise you’ll love them. If you have, take a moment to refresh your memory. These posts also highlight my growth as a blogger, you’ll probably notice  improvement from the first to the last.

Here it goes:

My very first post!

Does love still exist?

My take on what it means to wait till marriage

The Africa they don’t show you series

Christianity is a lifestyle

Trusting God more| Practical Tips

Plan your perfect date

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I know this was a semi-long read, but thank you for making it to the end. Thank you for clicking to view this post in the first place, you already know how much I appreciate you. Leave a comment, will you? Tell me what you think about my blog journey, and let me know how I can improve. If you love the blog, share it with your friends, and on social media. If you are a blogger, I’m open to collaborations, message me.

Lastly, I hope you are having a great summer, I sure am enjoying mine. Let me tell you why.

Yours Truly….

p.S: I’m enjoying a delicious slice of pizza while writing this. Just keeping things interesting. Oh, I hope you are subscribed to the blog, link to your right.

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15 thoughts on “Hazy Fantasies is 1! A Year’s Recap of my Blogging Journey

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post, look at how much you’ve learnt within a year I’m sure that with time it will grow beyond your imagination 💙. Happy Bloggerversary 🎉🎉🎉, keep shining 💙


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